Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Released Today -- Battle Your Friends!

Return to Angel Grove and battle your friends, with favorites ranging from the Green Ranger to Power Rangers' new Red leader, Jason.

Saban ushers in the release of Power Rangers with their new mobile PVP game; Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. From the creators of ChronoBlade, San Francisco based nWay Inc. throws us into the Multiverse.

Rita Repulsa is back, and as evil as ever, and forcing you and the rest of the Rangers to step into an infected Morphin' Grid. You must battle alternate dimension versions of the Rangers, by using Zeo Shards to strengthen your team, you go head to head with fellow fans in fast paced, real time battles.

You will be battling it out Morphin' style with characters from every Power Ranger universe, while unleashing a multitude of devastating attacks against your foes. You can unlock heroes, and villains to help destroy your foes. By winning battle after battle, you'll rack up Morphin' Boxes that give you access to Ranger after Ranger.

With a guild system called Alliances, you can join up to chat, trade resources, and strategies. Team building, and strategic duels come to your home on iOS and Android devices March 23rd.

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Published Jun. 6th 2017

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