Does PlayStation Website Show the PS5 Icon? Eh... Maybe?

A photo from Reddit claims to show the PlayStation 5 logo live on a PlayStation website, but they say that looks can be deceiving.

While Sony has officially shared some information about the PlayStation 5, they've also remained remarkably coy about the next-gen system since its existence was revealed by PS5 lead architect Mark Cerny in 2019. In that time, there has been a plethora of rumors surrounding the system, some more substantial than others. The latest revolves around Sony gearing up for an official PS5 reveal, and it involves a logo on a website. 

Coming from the bastion of truth that is Reddit, a new image claims to show the PS5 logo on the Japanese PlayStation website. It's hanging out alongside the logos for the PS4, PS4 Pro, and PSVR in the screenshot above. 

While it looks kinda' legit, it's probably not. Sure, it features what looks like the "V" shape seen in alleged leaks of the PS5 dev kit. And it matches the designs of the logos next to it. 

But come on: a logo like this is so incredibly easy to Photoshop and fake it's not even funny. That doesn't mention that the photo itself is grainy enough to fudge a fake, and that there's plenty of whitespace on the website for something like thise to "work."

If we were capturing this, we'd just take a screengrab or hit "PRTSC" on our keyboard. Easy peasy. We wouldn't whip out our phones and snag a pic. 

Complicating matters, it seems that essentially no one else saw this logo on the Japanese PlayStation website before it was "taken down." 

A screenshot of the Japanese PlayStation website.

The screenshot above was taken on February 12, 2020, at 3:50 p.m. EST. And the logo is nowhere to be seen. Though it could have been removed between the time the Reddit post was made and the screenshot was taken, the Wayback Machine shows no evidence of the PS5 logo on the page in question. 

Rumors have swirled around the PlayStation 5, including that it fully supports backwards compatibility with every PlayStation that came before it, and that the coronavirus could impact its launch (as well as that of the Xbox Series X) during the 2020 holiday season. 

Right now, those rumors are just that. Sony has officially confirmed very little about the PS5. However, we do know that something is afoot as Sony recently set up a PlayStation 5 website telling us to stay tuned.  

We also know a bit about the system's specifications, such as that it will use an SSD instead of an HDD, as well as some about the Dualshock 5. 

So while this PS5 logo is probably a fake and some rumors about the system will (and are bound to) be untrue, we hopefully won't have to wait much longer to officially find out. 

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Published Feb. 12th 2020

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