Nintendo Officially Stops Making the Wii

With the Wii U having already been out so long, Nintendo has at last pulled the plug on the production of its predecessor console.

When it came out, many derided the Nintendo Wii as being overly gimmick-based and 'casual'.  It then went on to sell millions of units, becoming a household name in households which never would have looked twice at an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.  The next generation of gaming has begun, however, and Nintendo was the first aboard with the Wii U at the end of 2012.

Despite the other major console makers still insisting they intend to continue selling and supporting their existing consoles long after they release their new ones, Nintendo has now announced they are no longer producing the Wii console.  The console enjoyed over seven years of production, having released in late November of 2006.

This does raise the question of when Microsoft and Sony will follow suit and cease producing their own current consoles.  Microsoft, at least, has claimed they fully intend to continue producing the console through 2015.

Are you sad to see Nintendo's Wii leave production, or do you think it is a mistake for companies like Microsoft to split focus between their old and new consoles?
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Published Oct. 21st 2013

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