A large amount of exclusive Metal Gear Solid V content available in the UK

It seems a lot of exclusive deals and offers concerning MGS: The Phantom Pain might only be available in the UK.

Well as August seems to almost upon us, that means September is just around the corner as well. Once fall begins, lots of big name games hit the shelves. One of those will be Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Naturally those who pre-order the long awaited new addition to the MGS franchise will get Day 1 DLC, a physical map and online XP wherever you pre-order the basic game (such as Gamestop or Amazon). However those in the UK seem to have larger options for the more hardcore fans. 

Kojima recently confirmed via Twitter the existence of a unique Metal Gear Solid PS4, which features a dashing red and gold coat. It is quite visually impressive and seems that it will one of the newer lighter PS4 models with a 500 GB hardrive. It seems that this fancy PS4 will come with an equally unique Dual Shock 4 controller, in the color of Snake’s trusty handgun.

You have to admit, that is one classy console.

This of course comes with the Day One edition and additional content and its own official cardboard box. Of course, this costs quite the pretty penny, but it looks like this huge package has not, or will not, reach North America. No North American prodvider has even put up this huge package, while the UK store GAME have already priced it at £364.99 ($566.37).

Of course for those who already have a perfectly working PS4 console, there is the mysterious Collector’s edition, which comes (oddly enough) with a robotic arm. However that still has been labeled as unavailable from most North American game providers while the UK already has priced it at £99.99 ($155.13).

This seemingly exclusivity and availability in the UK raises a few question: will the Collector’s edition become available to fans in the US? Why the sudden focus on exclusives to the UK? Is it because of a bigger fanbase or something else? Any ideas or theories from you, the gaming community at large? Leave a comment and as always, for all your gaming news and articles stay tuned to GameSkinny.com.


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Published Jul. 23rd 2015

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