Indie puzzle game Volume sneaking into PS4, PS Vita and Steam today

Volume involves such sophisticated espionage that it'd make James Bond blush. Stay out of sight, get the gadgets and proceed to the next level.

Sometimes the best way to get somewhere is to never be seen or heard. Why rouse nearby enemies when stealth is so much better? That's what Volume is all about.

Created by Bithell, Volume is a stealth puzzle game filled with levels upon levels to keep gamers engaged and entertained. It's a game of patience. The main character, Locksley, is a guy so slick that he could be considered a ninja. With a strange mask on his face, he manages to slip by robotic guards and surveillance cameras in each level. He can also figure out ways to manipulate surveillance cameras so he can get where he wants to go and recover stolen or corrupted computer files while stealing a gadget or two in the process.

He utilizes various high-tech gadgets to help him "avoid, distract and evade", according to the official site. He's a skinny guy in fairly dark clothing, so it's easy for him to stay out of sight. Locksley can hide in closets and secret compartments within the puzzle's walls, sneak around walls and corners, or simply run out in the open and hope he doesn't get captured by the enemy. He can even send a hologram of himself running down a hallway to distract nearby enemies. How cool is that?

Players can also make their own levels, so there's potential for replayability. Players can make levels as easy or as hard as they like and share them with other players. Sharp wits and patience are all a player needs to excel in Volume.

Volume is available for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Steam. For more information, be sure to check out their Twitter page.


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Published Aug. 18th 2015

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