For Honor Is Getting Dedicated Servers on Consoles

Ubisoft came to their senses earlier this year, as For Honor's transition to dedicated servers is almost here.

The Ubisoft blog announced on March 5th that console players can expect dedicated servers in For Honor starting on March 6th. The change has already taken place on PC for a while now, and Ubisoft has reported that since the change, resyncs and host migrations have gone down, while completion of matches has gone up. This results in a more fulfilling gameplay experience for the people who still play the game.

These positive changes reflect the troubles For Honor experienced on release, when it launched with peer-to-peer networking. In addition to complaints about microtransactions, players initially also noted issues with lag and connectivity with the game. Often, in 4v4 matches, one or more players would drop out of the match before it finished. The experience was more cumbersome than enjoyable.

Players who have stuck around have wanted these changes for a long time, and now they should be able to have a more enjoyable experience in the game. Since the console launch of the servers, there has been a positive response from the For Honor community on reddit and elsewhere.


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Published Mar. 12th 2018

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