Top 20 Minecraft 1.17 Seeds for July 2021

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The first part of the Caves and Cliffs update has been finally released in Minecraft 1.17 version. The second part should be released by the end of 2021, so keep your fingers crossed.

This long-awaited update includes such new structures like amethyst geodes, copper ore, and deepslate. As for the new mobs you can find goats, glow squids, and axolotls roaming the world of Minecraft.

This month's selection of top Minecraft 1.17 seeds will show you where to look for amethyst geodes on the surface and underground, where to search for axolotls, and how to quickly get to the end.

Seed: 6160288855204321195

Coordinates: -250, 250
Biomes: Plains, Forest

If you want to quickly find a lot of amethyst geodes, then start digging at spawn in various spots. You will eventually find entrance points into a massive abandoned mineshaft at the following coordinates:

  1. -250, 250
  2. -350, 300
  3. -350, 200

This mineshaft is huge and it often connects and goes through multiple amethyst geodes that you can exploit for all those pretty purple blocks.

Seed: 4597418887663011085

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

In case you have no desire for digging and mining, but you still want to find an amethyst geode, then you can use this Minecraft seed.

You will spawn on a shattered savanna oasis in the middle of the desert with an acacia village and a ravine that has an exposed amethyst geode on the surface at coordinates 100, 50.


Seed: -2650213314532291619

Coordinates: -200, -250
Biomes: Shattered Savanna, Plains, Desert

Spawn on a shattered savanna plateau that hosts three villages of different types at the following coordinates:

  1. -250, -200
  2. 50, 50
  3. -350, 150

You can find an amethyst geode at coordinates -160, 50, -330 that is relatively close to the surface.

There is also a skeleton dungeon at coordinates -240, 28, -210.

Seed: -2095780610522792819

Coordinates: -250, 250
Biomes: Mesa, Desert

To the west of spawn you will find a desert village and temple at a very rare eroded badlands biome at coordinates 50, 50 and 150, 100.

At coordinates 300, 250 you will also see an exposed ruined portal on the surface.

If you keep going eastwards, you will soon arrive at a patch of shattered savanna at coordinates 450, -350 with a desert village nearby at coordinates 650, -150.


Seed: 5571324165270635975

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Jungle, Forest

Right after you spawn, go to coordinates -400, -400, where you'll find a jungle temple and pillager outpost standing next to each other.

Then, keep heading upwards and at coordinates -350, -1300 you'll discover a stronghold that has melded with an abandoned mineshaft.

This stronghold has an unfinished but active end portal that will allow you to instantly travel to the End.

Seed: -6335133294012887979

Coordinates: -100, 250
Biomes: Desert, Savanna, Jungle

This Minecraft seed offers three structures right at spawn:

  1. Desert village: 300, 300
  2. Ruined portal: 250, 250
  3. Desert temple: 250, 150

The underground area around the temple hosts two amethyst geodes at coordinates 280, 47, 97 and 237, 46, 124.

The rest of the area is covered with lush bamboo jungle biome that is inhabited by some cute pandas.


Seed: -9036816399504570061

Coordinates: 200, 50
Biomes: Jungle, Plains

Jungle temple and exposed ruined portal at spawn!

This is not only a great seed for quick nether teleportation, but also the one that gives you a lot of valuable loot, as the portal will take you straight to bastion treasure room with a chest that contains diamond chestplate.

The rest of the loot is also of high quality and mainly consists of golden and enchanted items.

Seed: -7379792664799641459

Coordinates: 50, -100
Biomes: Jungle, Mushroom Island

Spawn in a jungle biome that has an extremely rare landlocked mushroom biome within its borders.

To the west of the mushroom area you will find a jungle temple in a small lake at coordinates 250, -450.

If you travel southwards, you'll soon find a desert temple with some nice loot at coordinates -150, 200.


Seed: -1902642786049248009

Coordinates: 150, 250
Biomes: Savanna, Plains, Desert

Spawn in a savanna biome next to a couple of villages at coordinates 350, 350 and 500, 50.

The second village has a quick access to an abandoned mineshaft that luckily runs through an amethyst geode at the exact coordinates 515, 47, -70.

There is also a source of water running through the cave system, which increases your chances of meeting axolotls.

Seed: 6462805062182442448

Coordinates: -200, -50
Biomes: Various

You will spawn on an ocean shore with a small village that stands right next to some impressive shattered savanna biome.

At coordinates 50, 200 you will see an exposed ruined portal in the desert dunes, and further up there is also a fully buried desert temple at coordinates 50, 50.

If you enter the portal, then you can find both fortress and bastion remnant pretty close at nether coordinates -150, 150 and 100, -300.

Seed: -719955582335067660

Coordinates: 150, 250
Biomes: Savanna, Mushroom Island

Savanna village on a mushroom island at spawn!

This rare opportunity gives you access to one of the safest environments for survival in Minecraft.

The island village is not very big, but you can find another one on the mainland at coordinates 50, -350. It's not that far away from the original spawn point, so it won't take you too long to move from one place to another.

Seed: 3060832473006337686

Coordinates: 250, 50
Biomes: Plains, Forest

Woodland mansion and village at spawn!

Between the mansion and the village you'll find an exposed ruined portal with a chest that contains two golden apples, one of which is a very rare enchanted apple.

The other closest village can be seen up north at coordinates 550, -300. So, if you need more materials, then it won't take you too long to get there.

Seed: 388175584723979600

Coordinates: 150, -150
Biomes: Plains, Forest

The village at spawn has got quite a few interesting surprises.

First, there is a blacksmith with some really nice loot. Second, there is a ravine right next to it with a quick access to resources. Lastly, there is a ruined portal standing right near the flow of lava, which allows you to quickly farm the obsidian to finish it.

Besides, there is another village nearby at coordinates 650, -450 and stronghold at coordinates 1050, -850.

Seed: -5461742867366232987

Coordinates: 150, 50
Biomes: Plains, Savanna

This is a similar seed to the previous one with a village at spawn, but on a different set of biomes.

There is also a ravine, a ruined portal, a blacksmith, and a pillager outpost to spice things up.

The path to the north opens up an access to the ocean with plenty of icebergs.

Seed: 8121280077396562671

Coordinates: -100, -200
Biomes: Various

Here, you will spawn in the most unusual of conditions.

First, there is a huge survival island at spawn that consists of two biomes: taiga and mushroom island.

Second, the entire island is surrounded by a massive ring of icebergs that are all connected.

Last, there is a shipwreck on the surface that is stuck in one of the icebergs at coordinates -150, -450.

Seed: -4253679736926566858

Coordinates: -250, 200
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

This seed is dedicated to all the fans of the shattered savanna biome, as there are two instances of it near spawn.

The first can be found in the desert at spawn with a village, a ruined portal, and a desert temple at coordinates 200, 250.

The other one is an entire shattered savanna island located to the east of spawn at coordinates 450, 450.

Seed: -6262618649322629924

Coordinates: -150, -150
Biomes: Taiga, Forest

Witness the union of ugly and beautiful in one seed!

You will spawn in a gorgeous flower forest biome that accommodates an entire zombie village at coordinates -150, -400.

If you feel that you're not ready to take on the challenge, then move westwards towards a friendlier village at coordinates -650, -150.

Seed: 6730157734809847985

Coordinates: 200, -150
Biomes: Plains

There are several villages right at spawn and a ruined portal at coordinates -300, -350.

One of the villages had some kind of an accident, which caused its blacksmith to spawn right above the hole in the ground.

This unusual sight can be found at coordinates 50, -150. But the rest of the village looks normal.

Seed: 1938134238482158504

Coordinates: 100, -150
Biomes: Plains, Desert, Ocean

Spawn on a giant survival island with village and two biomes: plains and desert.

At coordinates -200, 200 you can find an ocean monument with a shipwreck right beside it.

Under the shipwreck you can dig up the buried treasure located at the exact coordinates -199, 137.

Seed: -1689110266133456752

Coordinates: -250, -250
Biomes: Desert, Taiga

Strongholds usually tend to spawn in far away isolated areas. But a stronghold in this seed generates right under two villages at coordinates -1700, 800.

The end portal already has two active eyes, so it's going to be easier to fill the rest of the holes.

That's it for this month's best Minecraft seeds for 1.17. Check out more Minecraft articles right here, including a huge catalog of awesome seeds for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

Published Jul. 1st 2021


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