Team Ninja's Nioh demo is now available

Developer Team Ninja's newest action game Nioh. Demo is available for download today via PSN.

Today, publisher Koei Tecmo has released the alpha demo for the action title Nioh. The PlayStation 4 exclusive, developed by Team Ninja, is a samurai combat adventure that was originally announced 10 years ago.

Nioh follows the story of William, a half Japanese half European samurai on his quest to protect 16 century Japan from the yokai.

The game was originally slated to release in 2006 for the PlayStation 3. After missing that release date, Koei Tecmo eventually announced that Team Ninja would finish the game's development in 2010. The publisher changed its developmental direction because they wanted to give players the best samurai action experience possible

Team Ninja, has been developing technical fighting games and demanding action games since 1996. They've gone on to create the Dead or Alive series, the Ninja Gaiden series, and most recently was co-developer of Hyrule Warriors

Completing the demo will reward players with The Mark of the Conqueror DLC. The content will be unlocked for use with the full game. As of now, this DLC is only exclusive to those that play the demo. 

Nioh's alpha demo is available now on the PlayStation Network. But keep in mind the demo will only be available from April 26 until May 5.


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Published Apr. 26th 2016

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