Lightning Returns: And She's Looking Pretty Fly

Lightening: hero by day, diva by night.

If you always wanted to see Lightning with a little more swag, then be sure to check out the new trailer for the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII!

In Lightning Returns, Lightning will have access to several customizable outfits with different power sets called Schemata. Lightning's stats and battle abilities will be defined by these "schema" as each outfit will have its own separate ATB gauge. There will be over twenty different outfits that can be obtained within the game. (Did anyone else have FFX-2 flashbacks here?)

 You can watch the video to see Lightning modeling some of her new looks, as well as a few outfits that pay homage to other Final Fantasy titles. So yes, do feel free to squeal as you catch sight of a few you recognize, but try not to wake the neighbors.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has been confirmed for February 2014 release in North America and Europe on Xbox 360 and PS3.


Published Sep. 16th 2013

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