Halo Announces Tournament, $500,000 in Prizes

Halo Tournament announced for this summer-Halo fiends rejoice!

E3 has passed, and Halo has arrived with exciting updates! The week was full of great conferences, interviews, and tons of new games for everyone to be excited about. Now it's time to relay the exciting news we heard from the conference last week. 

The most exciting news: Halo 4 Tournament has been officially announced as a real thing! The tournament will be considered a free-for-all for all participants. It will be taking place at the Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, TX, so bring sunscreen!

The date of the tournament will be July 5th-7th. All participants will also be able to qualify for the tournament itself in-person and online, which is very exciting for all potential participants. The tournament will have almost $500,000 dollars in prizes (that's a whole lot of consoles and games!) More details all about the event and pre-registration for the RTX qualifier, as well as registration for the online portion of the tournament, will be announced and available on July 1st. For more information, interested participants can check back to Halo Waypoint for the all the details about the upcoming tournament.


For more information about all things Halo check out Halo Waypoint


Published Jun. 22nd 2013

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