14 Best Gaming Mice 2019 Edition: Top Wireless, Wired, And Budget Options

Lenrue Laser Gaming Mouse

Price: $7.99-$9.99
Buy it on: Amazon

Here we start with the lowest low-budget option. But if you couldn't tell from the image above, Lenrue didn't miss out on making something truly eye-catching.

If you just want to dip your toes into what a serious gaming mouse can offer, this is a great place to start, especially if you are a claw grip gamer who likes a little bump in the back for increased palm comfort.

Like the price but don't care for the layout or color scheme? These are some other solid low-cost options that don't skimp on the aesthetics:

  • Rii Professional 7 Color Gaming Mouse
    • Price: $5.99
    • Buy it on: Amazon
  • Vosense M Professional
    • Price: $6.99
    • Buy it on: Amazon
Published Nov. 6th 2018

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