14 Best Gaming Mice 2019 Edition: Top Wireless, Wired, And Budget Options

Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse

Price: $12.99
Buy it on: Amazon

The Redragon M601 is actually fairly similar in design to the Lenrue, but it's a little less ostentatious, offering the dragon motif instead of the robotic style.

This model comes with removable weights, which is sort of crazy at this price point, letting you change the heft and feel of the mouse to better fit your gaming style.

Between the weights and the programmable buttons, you won't find a better wired mouse at this budget-friendly, cheap price point. There are a few other options available if you don't care for the design though, such as these models:

  • EasySMX V18
    • Price: $12.99
    • But it on: Amazon
  • Redragon Ergonomic 7 Button
    • Price: $16.99
    • But it on: Amazon
  • Redragon M711 Cobra
    • Price: $19.89
    • Buy it on: Amazon
Published Nov. 6th 2018

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