14 Best Gaming Mice 2019 Edition: Top Wireless, Wired, And Budget Options

Logitech G502 Proteus Gaming Mouse

Price: $59.97
Buy it on: Amazon

OK, so the Proteus isn't new to 2018 by any means, but there's a reason it continues to appear on best-of lists year after year.

Simply put, the design here is sublime. You get 11 buttons but without the huge back end of many other mice, and of course, there are removable weights.

The responsiveness of the Proteus is constantly touted, and this is easily one of the best overall gaming mice experiences you can get in a wired model. 

Want something in a different design for different grip styles or hand sizes? Check out these models instead:

  • Logitech G602
    • Price: $36.17
    • Buy it on: Amazon
  • Corsair M65 Pro
    • Price: $35.95
    • Buy it on: Amazon
Published Nov. 6th 2018

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