Engineering Students Make Real Mario Karts With Powerups

Now you can feel the frustration of being knocked out of first place by a blue shell in real life!

You've seen tons of videos out there with people cosplaying as their favorite Mario Kart characters and taking to the track on go-karts to race their friends. This ambitious group of Colorado State University students decided that wasn't quite the experience they were looking for. They wanted something more accurate.

Using computers to control some of the acceleration on their karts, they equipped the karts with radio frequency emitters which could blast their opponent's kart with the wireless equivalent of a blue shell, or allow their kart to pick up a speed boost from a specifically designed power-up. 

Check out all of the novel ways they brought the wackiness of Mario Kart from screen to track in their design video.


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Published May. 18th 2016

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