No Wii U for Splatoon? Play it in Minecraft

Splatoon may be a Wii U exclusive, but thanks to a clever mod, you can now play it in Minecraft too.

Splatoon has been a big hit and praised across the board for its unique and charming fresh take on multiplayer shooters, challenging players to cover the map in their team’s ink colour rather than simply killing each other. Our own Matt Paprocki here at GameSkinny gave the game an 8 out of 10. As a Wii U exclusive, however, there is a good chance that you can’t play it even if you want to.

If you play Minecraft on PC then the good news is that you can now play Splatoon. Kind of.

Modder SethBling, despite not having access to a Wii U, has managed to create a remarkably accurate version of the third person ink shooter for Minecraft. He has created a single map intended for 4v4 battles just like the real game, and has recreated the main weapons from the Wii U exclusive.

All core mechanics are intact, including reloading your ink and getting around quickly by turning into a squid. 

The major difference (apart from the characteristic blockiness of Minecraft) is the fact that the mod is played in first person as opposed to the third person gameplay of Splatoon.

Obviously, it is not a perfect recreation and not quite as good as its inspiration, but it is still a good way to experience the Splatoon mayhem without a Wii U. It is also a darn impressive mod. Check out SethBling's website for more information


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Published Oct. 27th 2017
  • watermelon Man
    I love splaton my favorite weapon is the splat roller

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