Info And Artwork Leak For New Destiny Expansion

Destiny looks to tear down that wall with the help of Lord Saladin in their new DLC, Rise of Iron.

Players of Destiny, a game where players run on space treadmills for carrots and sticks, have long been waiting on a new DLC expansion like the game's previous injections of new content and story, House of Wolves and The Taken King.

This post on Reddit popped up last night, featuring the poster (see below) for the new expansion called Rise Of Iron showing Lord Saladin of the Iron Banner holding a big ol' hammer and surrounded by the cutest puppies wolves. Speculation on other information has already begun, such as a Fallen-themed Raid, based loosely upon the Raid cut from the House of Wolves DLC pack.

No other information is out just yet, but the press release for Rise of Iron is scheduled for June, and the expansion should hit shelves some time this fall. So keep your eyes up, Guardians!


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Published May. 20th 2016

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