How to Get and Use the Fishing Trap in Green Hell

Learn how to catch fish using fishing traps with the help of our quick guide to Green Hell.

There are many different ways how to get food in Green Hell. You can mostly rely on hunting or gathering, which takes up a lot of time. But fishing is really simple and provides you with food automatically.

All you need to do is to set up a fishing trap in a clean water and wait a bit. Soon you will see a fish inside the trap. You can repeat this process as many times as you like.

If you want to know how to find and use the fishing trap in Green Hell, then follow our guide below.

How to Get Fish Trap Blueprint

You will be able to craft the fishing trap only after you find the original blueprint. Just go to these coordinates 51’W 19’S and enter an abandoned fishing dock. Inside the shack you will find some food and three blueprints:

  • Water Filter
  • Stick Fish Trap
  • Four Prong Spear

As soon as you find the blueprints they will be automatically added to your notebook, including the fishing trap. Now you can craft the trap using the following recipe:

  • 27x Stick

How to Use Fish Trap in Green Hell

When you have crafted the trap you can place it at the edge of the water source and put some maggots or larva inside as the bait, which can be found almost anywhere.

Leave the trap for some time, which you can spend doing other things. When you come back to the trap you will find some fish inside, such as Piranha and Peacock Bass.

In this simple way you can set up several fishing traps around the map and never be out of food again.


In these few simple steps you can craft and use fishing traps in the game, and for other Green Hell guides at GameSkinny, please see the list below:


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Published Dec. 17th 2018

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