Square Enix is Gearing Up for the Next Console Generation

Square Enix's First Division has something big planned, and it's possible there's something FFXIV-related in the next-gen pot as well.

Square Enix is reportedly working on a new IP related to next-gen consoles, as well as something potentially related to FFXIV.

We know the next generation of consoles will officially start next year with the launch of Sony's PlayStation 5 and whatever Xbox Scarlett ends up being. It's no surprise development studios are going to be, or are already in, the process of planning and developing content for these new consoles as well. However, Square Enix has just confirmed it has already got its plans in action.

One plan involves a brand-new, action-oriented IP developed specifically for next-gen consoles. It will be developed by Square Enix's First Division, the teams responsible for SE's major franchises like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Here's a brief description of the plans, with translation courtesy of Gematsu:

[We're] aiming to realize a "next-generation action game experience" that goes beyond the framework of existing action games, with an international team of creators from all over the world.

Seeing as Final Fantasy VII Remake is also pushing the traditional boundaries of both ARPGs and traditional RPGs, it makes sense Square Enix will continue experimenting with well-known formulas in its new projects as well.

Another teased project comes from the Third Division, the one involved with Final Fantasy XIV. Another job posting shows off some concept art for what some believe could be another next-gen project.

As of now, there are still a lot of unknowns about what to expect from next-gen consoles, though we do know Ubisoft has five games in the works, and the PS5 is going to make cross-generational play a big focus.

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Platforms PlayStation 5
Source gematsu.com
Published Nov. 5th 2019

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