Roaming Form Gimmighoul Released in the Wilds of Pokemon GO

You can now catch Roaming Form Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO, and get some nice rewards, too.

Roaming Form Gimmighoul is in the wilds of Pokemon GO. Teased for weeks in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in coin chest form, you can see what the tiny ghost Pokemon actually looks like out of hiding. A Pokemon who sucks the lifeforce of those trying to take its treasure, the Roaming Form can be seen toting a gold coin on its back while appearing at Golden PokeStops. 

Along with the release of Gimmighoul, Pokemon GO has launched a celebration with Gimmighoul-themed rewards.  

To claim the prizes, follow the Pokemon Go Twitter account, then retweet with the #GOGimmighoul hashtag. Once you've done that, you'll receive a code to use in the app.

You can either win a Gimmighoul Hat or five different types of Gimmighoul stickers. In the shop, you can pick up nine gold coins for free. The stickers and Gimmighoul Hat will be available in the shop.


If you're out and about looking for Gimmighoul, here's what you need to know about catching them and adding them to your collection.  

In other news, Pokemon Sleep is releasing this year, and it will integrate with Pokemon Go by way of Pokemon Go Plus+, which tracks sleep progress. We've got more on that here

Featured image via The Pokemon Company.


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Published Feb. 27th 2023

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