GGDA's SIEGE 2017 Tickets Are On Sale At Their Lowest Prices Ever

SIEGE 2017 is on its way, and the tickets have just gone on sale.

Starting today, tickets for SIEGE 2017 (the Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo) are officially on sale -- and for a lower price than they've ever been. SIEGE is hosted each year by the GGDA in Atlanta, Georgia, and it's the largest game developer's conference in the southern US. This year, the convention will run from October 6-8.

This year's theme is "Climbing Your Skill Tree", so many of the panels and presentations will focus on career growth and expanding horizons as a professional in the gaming industry. The event will have multiple tracks to suit a variety of interests -- from game design and programming to art, audio, and business.

Confirmed presenters for the event include Tripwire Interactive Vice President Alan Wilson, Hi-Rez Studios Executive Producer Mick Larkins, and award-winning game music composer Chris Rickwood. GameSkinny (and its parent company, Launch Media Network) will also be participating in a games press panel at the event. 

Ticket prices are lower this year than ever before, at a range of prices depending on your status and membership with the GGDA. They're broken down as follows:

  • Student GGDA Members: $24.95
  • Non-Member Students: $44.95
  • Professional GGDA Members: $44.95
  • Professional Non-Members: $64.95

To learn more about these prices and what each ticket provides, you can check out the official SIEGE website. Ticket prices are set to increase after May 30, so if you want to reserve them at the current prices, you'll want to do that sooner rather than later.

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Published Jun. 17th 2020

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