Temtem's Latest Adventure Sets Off For Cipanku Island

Temtem's latest major update is now live for players on PlayStation and PC and includes an entirely new island for players to explore.

Pokemon-inspired MMO Temtem has just gotten its biggest update yet, with the all-new Cipanku Island for players to explore. This "electric/digital-themed island" features a mixture of "tradition and technology," with new group activities, traversal methods, and, of course, new Temtem to catch and tame. 

A PlayStation Blog post outlines what fans can expect, and it gives details on all of the new additions.

The new Temtem's are Digital and Mythical, both of which can be found on Cipanku Island. Digital tems can be found and caught by a single tamer, but Mythical tems will require a whole team of tamers in a group activity, called Lairs, for up to five players.

The post also mentions that fast travel is coming to the world of TemTem alongside the addition of Cipanku. There will be "many different hotspots across the Archipelago," and players will need to pay to use them, yet the price for each jump wasn't shared in the post. It was noted that "teleports to any Narwhal airport are free, though." 

There are also additional traversal elements being added in, such as the Crystal Skates returning in response to player feedback. The update is available to download for free through the Humble Store, Steam, and the PlayStation Store.  


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Published Apr. 13th 2021

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