GTAV Soon To Be the Best-Selling Game of All Time in the UK

GTAV may soon become the best selling game in UK history.

There's just no stopping Grand Theft Auto V.  Especially in the UK.

According to the latest GfK Chart-Track statistics, Take-Two Interactive's mammoth blockbuster has become the fourth best-selling video game of all time in the UK.  FIFA 14 recently knocked GTAV from its lofty perch as number one, but Rockstar's open-world action extravaganza continues to sell at a rapid clip.

If the game continues selling at this pace, Chart-Track estimates that GTAV will become the best-selling game within three months.  Even if it doesn't hit that milestone in three months, it seems likely that GTAV is destined to go down in UK history.  It broke records around the world when it launched back in September and, despite a rocky start to its online component, millions of gamers are still enjoying GTAV.

Open-world insanity proves its popularity... even over Call of Duty

Prior to GTAV's release, many gamers and journalists noted the domination of several major first-person shooter franchises.  Call of Duty led the charge, obviously, as it became the biggest name in gaming between GTAIV and GTAV (separated by five and a half years).  Battlefield also sold millions upon millions of copies.  Many were wondering if, after an elongated absence, Grand Theft Auto could retake the industry sales crown.

Well, it did.  It helps that many viewed this year's CoD entry - Ghosts - as a step back, and a possible indication of a franchise decline.  Even so, GTAV has proven that, in fact, gamers are still very much in love with unrestricted freedom, and it further proves that the name Grand Theft Auto still holds gargantuan clout.

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Published Jan. 6th 2014
  • Richard Whelchel
    Wot mate? You mean Earl Grey Tea-Time Simulator is no longer the number one game in the UK? Shame...

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