Report: End of Wildstar Open Beta Event

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Roughly 10 days after the Wildstar open beta began, the Wildstar held an epic closing event.  The event details were very hush hush, and many of us had no idea what to expect.  Crowds began to gather in all of the main cities, all waiting to find out what Carbine had in store for us.

Published May. 19th 2014
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    I hear about this even, sadly I wasn't there to experience it. The WildStar devs are epic. I'm glad they interact with the community have such a good sense of humor. I can't wait until early access.
  • Spr1nk3ls
    Featured Contributor
    It really was such an awesome event. I had all of the other streams up...each realm was really different depending on the Dev. I bought this game mainly because of the Devs and the company. They really are doing this game right. I am so counting down the days...I have finals so I SHOULD be working on that but instead I'm making graphics and teaching myself how to do videos so I can be ready for launch!! lol

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