Report: End of Wildstar Open Beta Event

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Roughly 10 days after the Wildstar open beta began, the Wildstar held an epic closing event.  The event details were very hush hush, and many of us had no idea what to expect.  Crowds began to gather in all of the main cities, all waiting to find out what Carbine had in store for us.

Developers were assigned to every realm of Wildstar.  Shortly after 10pm PST the Developers began showing up in zone and realm chats.  On the Orias server, GirlInGoldBoots came to wreck havoc in the main city of the Exiles; Thayd.  She provided her own introduction via zone chat.

As GirlInGoldBoots danced, she spawned raid level bosses and mobs all over the city.  As players ran to different sections of the city, the mobs became harder and harder to kill.  Eventually death became a large part of the festivities! 

With all of the Developer powers available, she changed herself into many different forms.  Other realms reported players being turned into Rowsdowsers, Developers as giant killer vegetables, and even tornadoes that would launch players into the air, it was a night full of surprises!

And then the rickroll happened.  Zone chat exploded with a "code" that upon entering would provide your character insta-50 (the level cap.) In actuality, it would open and play Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"  Well played, Carbine... well played.

And then things got creepy about 1/2 through....

At one point, GirlInGoldBoots did step up and help us kill some of this ridiculous bosses.  I lost count of how many times I died, even when trying to stay out of range I was either pulled in or hit by a large AoE!

As small as our sever was, the turnout was still insane.  The lag became tremendous and in highly dense areas players had less than 2FPS!  

Just a few of my favorite things from the Wildstar End of Beta Event.

In the end, the event was amazing, unique and a lot of fun.  I have gained alot of respect towards Carbine after the past couple weeks, they truly care about their community and are the most interactive company I have ever seen.  Launch day (June 3rd) cannot come soon enough!

 Make sure to check out for pre-ordering information, lots of extra items (like a rocket house!) 

Published May. 19th 2014

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