Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Sharp Claw

Find out what you need to slay to get Sharp Claw in Monster Hunter Rise in this guide.

Sharp Claw is required for a handful of weapons as well as Low Rank armors in Monster Hunter Rise, and it's really not as hard to get as you might imagine if you're only taking down larger monsters.

Being that the Sharp Claw is a Low Rank material, you'll have to take on Low Rank monsters to get your hands on it.

How to Get Sharp Claw in Monster Hunter Rise

Sharp Claw is one of a handful of materials that come from smaller monsters, and only a few in particular. The percentage chance is higher to get Sharp Claw when certain small monsters are your quest target, but it's easy enough to kill several of them in any single quest where they are present and get the Sharp Claws you need.

The small monsters that can be carved for Sharp Claws in Monster Hunter Rise are:

  • Izuchi
  • Jagras
  • Ludroth
  • Rachnoid
  • Uroktor

As a reminder: You'll only be able to get Sharp Claws off Low Rank versions of these monsters.

If you've got a Palico with the Pilfer skill, you can get Sharp Claws faster than without. Though Pilfer is a higher level Palico skill, and the chances of you having it when you're first looking for Sharp Claws in Low Rank are fairly low.

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