Does Monster Hunter Rise Have Crossplay?

Monster Hunter Rise follows in Monster Hunter World's crossplay footsteps. Here's what you need to know.

Those new to Monster Hunter Rise and Nintendo Switch players alike now have a crucial question on their minds now that the game is out on both platforms: Does Monster Hunter Rise have crossplay?

Like Monster Hunter World and its Iceborne expansion, Monster Hunter Rise does not support any form of crossplay. What this means is players on the Nintendo Switch and PC are separated from one another completely and cannot play with one another.

Cross-platform play has been a much-demanded feature since Monster Hunter World came out on Steam after its PlayStation 4 release. Unfortunately, Capcom has kept to that choice moving forward into Monster Hunter Rise, with the game offering no cross-platform support at launch and none announced to be coming in the future.


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Will the Monster Hunter series ever feature crossplay support? Time will tell, but from last generation to this one Capcom has kept it to a single-platform ecosystem and it seems unlikely that's going to change anytime soon.

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Published Jan. 12th 2022

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