Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Massive Bone

How to get Massive Bone in Monster Hunter Rise.

To say the list of materials to farm for in Monster Hunter Rise is long would be an understatement, especially once you move into High Rank. The Massive Bone is one material that gives plenty of hunters trouble even before High Rank begins, particularly because the game is so stingy with them.

The Massive Bone is used for a slew of Low Rank weapons, making it sought after by hunters not quite at High Rank just yet. Let's go into how to get this particularly rare material.

How to Get Massive Bone in Monster Hunter Rise

Massive Bone only comes from one monster: Goss Harag. Goss Harag can be particularly annoying to fight, making the meager 8% chance for the bone to come up in quest rewards a real kick in the gut. It cannot be carved from the monster.

It is easier to farm Goss Harag via the Village Quest than it is to take it on in the two Low Rank Hub Quests for it, but if you can get a party together, it's probably easiest to farm the Hub Quests for it.

Honestly, is it worth it trying to farm for Massive Bone so close to moving onto High Rank? If you're dead set on getting one of the weapons you can craft or upgrade with the thing, sure; but if it takes too long to get your hands on one, you might be better off just skipping it and continuing into High Rank to work on equipment that will be relevant for longer. High Rank equipment is a whole different ballpark from Low Rank equipment.

That's it on how to get Massive Bone, a material exclusive to Goss Harag. If you found this guide useful, take a look at our other Monster Hunter Rise guides here on GameSkinny.

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Published Mar. 30th 2021

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