Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Toxic Kumori

How to get Toxic Kumori equipment material in Monster Hunter Rise.

There are a handful of equipment materials in Monster Hunter Rise that you can't get out in the field, one of which is the Toxic Kumori. You'll have to rely on your Buddies to get your hands on this material.

The Toxic Kumori isn't used in a great deal of equipment, but it is used for the Cornupion Hunting Horns, as well as the Skalda/Spio set in the Low Rank armor pool. Much of the equipment made with the Toxic Kumori either improves Poison damage, or increases the amount of Poison damage you deal.

How to Get Toxic Kumori in Monster Hunter Rise

We mentioned that you'll need to rely on your Buddies to get this material. Rather than going out and smashing monsters or gathering the Toxic Kumori, you must use the Argosy and hope to get some of the item from your Buddies' trade efforts.

At the Argosy, you'll want to request plants or fish for a chance to acquire Toxic Kumori.

When you go to choose the item you want your Buddy to barter for, you can see any potential rare items your Buddy might bring back on the right side of the screen under the market details.

You can also see this at a glance in the listing itself, as icons for the sort of rare items the Buddy might bring back are shown under the 'Market' column.

As you progress, you'll find you also need to get some rare materials by sending your Buddies out on Meowceneries expeditions. Be sure to always have your Buddies working at the Argosy as well as doing Meowcenary work to ensure you don't miss out on some special materials.

That's all you need to know about getting Toxic Kumori. If you found this guide useful, check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides.

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Published Apr. 2nd 2021

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