Overwatch's latest animated short stars everyone's favorite robot

The next animated story scenario for Overwatch features the nature loving Bastion.

Today, Blizzard Entertainment released its fifth animated short -- this time dedicated to Bastion. The story revolves around the self aware robot's reasons to taking part in Overwatch.

Since Overwatch's release in May, Bastion has become prominent among players. The automaton is considered to be one of the more powerful offensive heroes you can play as.

In the video, we see the last Bastion unit curiously reactivate himself. After reviving, the robot takes in his new life and is seen appreciating all things nature provides. He even forms a bond with local wildlife.

Later we witness that he can't quite fight his original programming for violence, or so we are lead to believe. Bastion learns of the results of the war that took place between man and machine. In the end, however we see that he ultimately is able to be more than his program determined him to be.

Fans of Overwatch can look forward to more animated shorts from Blizzard.


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Published Aug. 18th 2016

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