Xbox One finally has a buzz about it. Funny what a few great looking games and a new console can do for Microsoft.

Three Xbox One games to keep an eye on

Xbox One finally has a buzz about it. Funny what a few great looking games and a new console can do for Microsoft.
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Well, it took a while, but Xbox One finally has something to talk about. E3 was the perfect platform for Microsoft to generate excitement about the future of their gaming console. What did they do? They announced not one, but two new systems along with a slew of really great looking games. Among those games, three really stood out as something different and interesting.

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While the talk of the Microsoft conference will be about Project Scorpio and the Xbox One S, a few games will certainly be the highlight when they release in the coming months. A well-known developer makes the first game and just mentioning their name should get people excited. 

Sea of Thieves


Ahoy Mates, all aboard the poop deck and get ready to set sail in Sea of Thieves. This Rare game is the multiplayer pirate game we’ve always wanted. Grab a few friends and board your very own pirate ship while drinking some rum and singing some pirate tunes. Sea of Thieves is so over the top that hilarity and fun are sure to ensue. Just take a look at the E3 trailer released and you can see how much fun it is to play this game.

You either fight to save your ship or go down with the wreckage like a true captain. After playing this game, you will want to binge watch Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow will have nothing on you after you have a cup of grog and slow walk your way off the plank and into the shallows. Sea of Thieves has a lot of people talking and while it does not have an exact release date just yet, it is expected in Quarter 1 of 2017.

We Happy Few


I have written about We Happy Few before and it just looks like too much fun to not play. Those of you who like survival horror games cannot miss this game. Set in an alternate reality of 1960’s England, the citizens of Wellington Wells are full of Joy. Joy is not what you think it is. Joy is a drug taken by the citizens to forget a supposed ‘very bad thing’ they have done.

Your mission in We Happy Few is to escape the creepy town of Wellington Wells without getting beaten to death by the creepy townsfolk. The game is a complete acid trip gone wrong and it looks like a bloody good time. We Happy Few will hit Xbox Preview and Steam Early Access on July 26th, 2016 so get ready to fight the joy.



Boy, Game of Thrones makes dragons look awesome but that show has nothing on Scalebound. This game looks to be the first true Xbox exclusive, along with Sea of Thieves, which makes PS4 owners wish they had an Xbox One. This action role-playing game follows a character named Drew and his pet dragon Thuban through the world of Draconis. The game features smooth gameplay transitions between using Drew and Thuban and it also features some awesome looking boss fights.

If all of that isn’t enough, you will be able to play with your friends and their awesome dragons as well. All the while listening to awesome music, so this game is, for lack of a better term, awesome. Scalebound is not due out until 2017 so there is a gruesome wait but Xbox One finally has games worth salivating over. That in and of itself is a good thing for Microsoft. 

What are you most excited about concerning Microsoft? Do any of these games catch your eye? What do you think of the new Xbox consoles? Let me know in the comments section below and be on the lookout for more information about these games.

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