Hogwarts Legacy has been a massive success for Warner Bros. Games. Here's what the players want from future DLC.

What We Want From Any Future Hogwarts Legacy DLC

Hogwarts Legacy has been a massive success for Warner Bros. Games. Here's what the players want from future DLC.

Hogwarts Legacy is a single-player RPG set in the Harry Potter universe. Developed by Portkey Games and Avalanche Software, the game has been smashing records on Twitch and for Warner Bros. Games. With release dates set for previous generation consoles and the Nintendo Switch, the teams have been busy. 

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In the first two weeks since release, 12 million copies have been sold worldwide, resulting in 280 million hours played. There are numerous side quests, collectibles, and challenges to complete. A variety of NPCs are able to be interacted with, whether they offer quests or just conversation. 

While there are dozens of hours’ worth of entertainment in Hogwarts Legacy, fans of the game are clambering for more content to be released. With a rich universe to draw from, the possibilities for expansion are substantial.  Avalanche Software did confirm, however, that there is no DLC currently planned for the epic game. Here’s what we want if there is any future DLC to be created for Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy DLC Wishlist

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Offering a multiplayer mode for the RPG is something fans have hoped for since Hogwarts Legacy was announced. There are a few ways this would be possible. 

  • Battle Arenas: There are already two battle arenas in the game as well as the Dark Arts Arena for those who purchased the deluxe edition. Dueling is common in wizarding culture, so this could be a way to include multiplayer in the game.
  • Separate Mode: Having a separate mode would mean multiplayer quests, giant battles, and so on. This seems like it may be harder to design, but having it as a separate mode may be easier to include from a DLC standpoint. 

More Magical Beasts

The current roster of magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy features favorites like the Phoenix, Niffler, Hippogriff, and Thestral. Thirteen beasts is not all that fill the wizarding world or originate from various myths. Adding more beasts, more Vivariums, or even a separate breeding place in one of the hamlets could be something worth exploring. Beasts that could be included are:

  • Dragons, even just a quest around finding an egg and raising a dragon, could be something. An internship at the ministry could be explored.
  • Boggarts are briefly mentioned twice in the game.  Expanding on this, whether in the classroom setting or in the wild, may be worth including.
  • Ashwinder eggs are found throughout the Hogwarts Legacy world as they are a potion ingredient. Having actual Ashwinders would be an easy inclusion already in line with that players are experiencing. 

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Everyone’s favorite wizarding sport has been left out of Hogwarts Legacy.  According to Headmaster Black, there was a serious injury on the pitch has led him to cancel the Quidditch season. Who knows if this is due to time constraints, but a Quidditch expansion with tournaments would be a big crowd-pleaser. 

House Quests 

Hufflepuff currently has the exclusive quests which brings players, however briefly, to Azkaban. Including more house specific quests would give more impact on which house was chosen during the Sorting Ceremony. Some quest ideas:

  • Discovering the Chamber of Secrets as a Slytherin.
  • Completing some of the daily riddles to enter the Ravenclaw common room.

New Game Plus

Many RPGs come with the option of NG+ after completing the main story. Hogwarts Legacy is not one of those. With trophies/achievements for winning the House Cup as each house, players are calling for NG+ to be included. 

World Under the Water

Mermaids are discussed in one side quest. You can swim in Hogwarts Legacy but when you go to dive, the camera stays above water.

Expanding the game to include underwater creatures, mermaids as an interactable race, and watery environments that can be explored would allows players to experience the world fully. 

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More Relationship Quests

The relationship quest lines already included in Hogwarts Legacy are endearing and fun. People are calling for more relationship quests expanding on the stories introduced, especially for Sebastian.

While this may be difficult depending on how you choose to end his current quest line, getting to know Anne could be an alternative. Other relationship quests could be:

  • Exploring Ominis’ past.
  • Learning how to be an Animagus with Natty.
  • Brewing new positions with Garreth.

Hogwarts Legacy is a massive game with over 40 hours of gameplay. Even so, fans of the Harry Potter franchise and the world built by Avalanche Software. While Avalanche has confirmed they do not have any DLC planned for the game, these are some areas players hope to see expanded on in the future. What would you like to see in future Hogwarts Legacy DLC? Check out our other Hogwarts Legacy content on GameSkinny.

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