Will Minecraft ever lose its popularity?

When is Minecraft Going to Die?

Will Minecraft ever lose its popularity?
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Minecraft is a sandbox game allowing players to construct, or destroy, 3D textured blocks with pure freedom in a randomly generated environment; which could be altered with seeds or joined into specific worlds with people through their servers. The question is, will Minecraft ever die? The simple answer to that is…

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The franchise of Minecraft is too lucrative, as it is entertaining and creative, not to stay alive for generations to come.

*Actual picture of Minecraft’s profit*

Minecraft has been a success since its origin. Allowing players to create whatever their hearts desire, whether it be in creative mode (with no material limit), survival (which has material limitations), and their various sub-genre modes. Minecraft is a quick and simple way for players to stretch their imaginations and build, destroy, and live in a game of vast options. Minecraft is one of the many games that offers this type of gameplay, but by far the most popular with its 3D textures along with their landscapes that draw audiences.

With a vast background of modes to play on, Minecraft adds diversity into its gameplay by not being solely a builder. It has a player take control of their own generated world and do what they want within in it, giving freedom much like open-world adventure where the replay value is magnificent and different with every spawn. Adding to this, with survival mode and its battles it gives real consequences to playing the game such as dying and not having items or permadeath, which will literally ban you from a server if set on. Freedom and depth in this way catches an audience and draws them to play for different reasons and create even their own games or challenges that the community in turn can redistribute amongst each other.

Another sole reason Minecraft will not die in a simple minded matter is the community itself. The simple fact that there are many children who are infatuated with Minecraft adds severe amounts of emotion to the mix, and development as gameplay progresses in real life; meaning as years pass playing Minecraft you will always remember it as you played as you grew as a person, it formed part of who you are today.

Several children enjoy building and continue to log in daily with their friends to partake in various activities. Due to this, children growing up will always remember Minecraft and come to return as older consumers that spread their knowledge of the title to others. This results in people only playing to make giant penis monuments; the basic symbol of teenage crafting (and I’m pretty sure we’ve all done it at least once). This generation effect will improve the popularity of Minecraft giving it even more excitement and adventure to its youth in addition to nostalgic factor to older generations who have played that will pass it on just as much as children.

It also continuously updates itself with new features and does not limit players because the game’s design is based on the ability to create, which breeds innovation. The game itself, even without adding new features during a period of time, would still prosper as the core gameplay is always fresh and outstanding with no advantages or repetition to bore. Every time you log into Minecraft, the world is newly fabricated. Creations of your imagination with unique design will constantly make you want to continue building, innovating, or sharing content.

Finally there are some basic facts that show off the game’s popularity and meaning to fans and its own strength as a sandbox game. Minecraft being a worldwide phenomenon, has it’s own convention — Minecon — where many gather in the community to discuss builds, servers, and have a great time all because of this game — they also get to see upcoming features, and craft amazing cosplay.

Minecraft is also a top selling mobile game and has done equally well with their own console versions. Popularity in the series and its lore gave us a Minecraft TellTale story series; however, not based on herobrine. Although the most crucial fact is Minecraft has sold over 100 million copies by the end of 2016, and with these facts the game shows no signs of slowing down.

Minecraft is a game of simplicity in this regard where the user makes their own fun of the game. So in retrospect, (this may be opinion) but the player ultimately decides if Minecraft is dead to them or very much alive and picking.

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