LoL Freljord Event Comes to a Close

LoL's first major lore event is over--what happens next?

Today the League of Legends Freljord event comes to an end and leaves us wanting more. Freljord was the first big lore event for LoL and opened up the world of Runeterra in a fresh way. If you missed the two-week event, here is what happened and what I think will happen next.

End of the Freljord

Over the course of past few months, Riot Games had dropped hints and screenshots and journal entries related to the northern Freljord. Journals from the three main factions of the frozen northlands explained the mounting conflicts rising in the game world. Different tribes were ramping up hostilities and the Freljord event was the result.

Some features of Freljord: A new champion, champion reworks for Trundle and Sejuani, a host of new skins, sales on frost related skins in the real money store, and an new All Random All Middle (ARAM) map. Additionally, new summoner icons were available for a short amount of time and could be permanently unlocked if a player won 10 matches with that icon active.

It Worked

The event was incredibly successful. This was super exciting because the lore for League has always been swept under the rug. Lore has been around in the form of stories and comics, but never really a part of the game until now. The plot and lore actually has been changing and evolving and these changes are active and fun to see in games.

Tons of players were jumping in games, eager to earn one of the exclusive icons for their profiles. Not to mention an influx of players meant quick matchmaking, which is always great. A lot of those poor souls were students, abandoning exams for just one more game of League.

The best thing? Players got on board with the lore and were stoked. Tons of players were using the featured champions, buying the Freljord skins, unlocking the summoner icons, and having a great time on the brand new Freljord themed map, The Howling Abyss. The event was a huge success.

What Now?

Now that the event is over, there will likely be a follow up event. There is no way to know what is next for LoL, but I anticipated that some major lore points will be advanced in Runeterra. Hopefully, one of the three warring factions will “win” the Freljord and that will somehow provoke another lore event.

Looking at the factions (below for reference) my bet is on Lissandra raising the old gods. Ashe and Sejuani might form an uneasy truce and invite southern allies to help combat these new foes.

The Factions

Ashe, the ice huntress, represents Avarosan. This faction means to unite the northern factions for peace.

Sejuani, atop her battle boar, represents Winter’s Claw. This faction means to dominate the other factions through war, violence, and the iron price. 

Lissandra, the frost witch (and brand new champion), represents the Frostguard. This faction seeks to awaken the ancient old gods of the north.

Published May. 14th 2013

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