Total War: Warhammer released today

Total War meets epic fantasy in this turn-based empire builder.

The vast and venerable Total War series released its first entry into the fantasy realm today. Fans of Games Workshop can put down their paintbrushes and glue guns, and reach for their PCs as Total War: Warhammer launches on Steam and Humble Bundle today.

Total War: Warhammer offers a turn-based campaign of grand empire-building and combines it with pulse-pounding real-time battles. Players choose to command one of four races, with a fifth race available to pre-orders and those who buy the game in its first week.

Commanding dwarves requires much ale and many axes.

Your character will be one of eight Legendary Lords from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles World. These Lords gain armor and other epic gear from completing individual quest lines. And unlike earlier Total War games, Warhammer will grant its commanders magical powers, mythical creatures, and a myriad of fantastical accoutrements.

The developers claim that hundreds of hours of gameplay await you, so head over to the Humble Store or Steam where you can spend $59.99 for the Standard Edition.


Published May. 25th 2016

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