EA May End College Football Games for Good

EA will have to find other ways to make college football games.

Sorry all you college sports fans! It looks like EA will no longer be able to make its college football games, at least not like they have been.

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) and the NCAA have both recently decided not to renew their partnership with EA. What does this mean for these football games? Well, it means that either EA will have to use completely made up teams and players or be knee deep in lawsuits should they decide to make the players in the game look anything like the players in real life.  

EA currently has a deal with the Collegiate Licensing Company and should be able to make a few more games in the next couple of years, but considering that it’s only a three-year deal I say EA is in some big trouble.

Now since EA still has Madden, FIFA, NBA and several other sports games, this news probably won’t hit EA as hard as you may think. But one thing’s for sure, the future of college football games is most certainly up for grabs. 

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Source joystiq.com
Published Aug. 14th 2013

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