Official Undertale merchandise arrives in time for holidays

Even monsters put gifts under trees. Why not give this Undertale merch to someone you love?

This almost flew under my radar.

Back in October, Undertale creator Toby Fox asked fans to hold off on selling unofficial merchandise because the official stuff was on its way.

Our prayers for the perfect Undertale fan gift have been answered in the form of holiday pre-orders. Included in the Fangamer shop:

  • Delta Rune T-shirt
  • Mercy T-shirt
  • Smooch-cut Undertale Sticker Sheet
  • "Mettaton: Live from Hotland" poster
  • The "Determination Combo" (pictured above) which includes both tees and stickers

There's also an empty spot for an upcoming Toriel plush doll, though that's not likely to be released until next year.

Buying official merchandise helps support Toby Fox and puts more money in his pocket, allowing him to make more awesome games and music. So consider checking out this shop first before looking around for any specific items. Alternatively, you can beg that your favorite character be made into a plushie on Toby's twitter @FwugRadiation

Will your orders get there in time for Christmas day? That's a little shaky. Fangamer does say on the item pages that they will not be shipped until mid-December at the earliest. 

Any other merchandise you're determined to see? Let us know in the comments.

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Published Dec. 6th 2015
  • Destini Islands
    Featured Contributor
    Oh jeez this is super good news! I'm so happy for Toby and I hope he milks the HECK out of his success! Support game devs! There's always so much fan-made stuff that I didn't even consider that indie game developers actually try to make their own official merchandise haha.

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