Fallout 76 Locked and Loaded Live Now

Fallout 76 Locked and Loaded adds new season four content and a bundle of quality of life improvements.

Fallout 76 Locked & Loaded is live now, bringing with it dozens of changes for an improved wasteland experience.

Chief among these is changes to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. loadout system and adding new C.A.M.P.s. You can finally reset your  S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes and save different builds to swap out at will with Perk Cards spent at a Punch Card Machine.

Instead of being stuck with one C.A.M.P and its associated inventory, you can set one active C.A.M.P, mark others on a map, and change out inventory using Vending Machines.

That's not all Locked & Loaded is bringing. It also introduces Season 4: Armor Ace in Cold Steel. The latest chapter in the Armor Ace saga follows Ace as they take on the Yukon Five and Commissioner of Chaos. There's a new leaderboard associated with the challenge and plenty of season four rewards, including Mannequins, Tadpole Badges, Sugar-free Nukashine, and Rad Ant Weight Lager. 


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Published Apr. 28th 2021

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