Sega Plans for the Future

Sega is restructuring the way they do business. Stop me if you've heard that one before.

Another dark day in the gaming industry as Sega has decided to restructure and that isn't a good thing for current employees of the company. Sega has decided to go more toward mobile gaming and online/PC games rather than physical game releases. It also means that Sega is going to cut 300 jobs and ask most of the employees effected to take a "voluntary retirement." Sega also plans to relocate Sega of America from San Francisco to southern California. The company will also go more into downloadable titles. Sega already does well in the mobile games area but had seen success with games like Alien: Isolation.

It's no surprise that Sega has decided to go away from physical/console games and more towards mobile gaming after yet another Sonic failure. This time Sonic Boom was the "culprit." The game joins the Dreamcast and Sonic the Hedgehog from 2006 before it as Sega crisis games. It sounds like a broken record that Sega is deciding to go in a different business direction. This is a results business and Sega sees better results with their mobile gaming. I guess they feel that they can't afford to take another hit like Sonic Boom.

Thos could be good news for Nintendo, seeing as though Sega and Nintendo already have a partnership. Sega makes games for Nintendo and Nintendo gives Sega an option for their games to be housed on. In the old days, Sega and Nintendo would never do something like this but times have changed and Nintendo systems could be one of the few places to play Sega games in the not-to-distant future.


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Published Jan. 30th 2015
  • Dustin Frisch
    Which in turn could soon mean they are going to sell out eventually to another company then gaming SEGA wise starts to be screwed up.

    I hate to say it, PC Master Race and Mobile Gaming n00bs are messing the game industry.
  • TumsST
    it feels like when rare was sold and there were no more Banjo-Kazooie type games. SEGA has had issues like this in the past but it has bounced back. It seems like this could be one of the final nails in their coffin. I think it spells bad news when companies want more PC stuff and less console stuff. only time wil tell on that one.

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