BlizzCon 2013: Details on Heroes of the Storm

If you are a fan of MOBA's and have an open mind, this is the MOBA you need to check out.

I saw Blizzard AllStars way back when they first rumored it. I knew, the moment I heard about it, that it was going to be my MOBA. I can officially say today, after getting my hands on the game, that it will indeed be my MOBA of choice.

There is a steep learning curve involved when you talk about MOBAs. I may have not known any of the mechanics or the advantages of each different creep camp, but I felt completely in control and powerful. Of course, I picked Illidan as my first hero, so no wonder I felt invincible. I guess it might have also been the fact that the game they let you play was against easy AI.

The point is, they accomplished (what seems to be) their main goal.

A quick, easy and incredibly polished experience. The match I got to play is, I'm assuming, the alpha build, and it felt like a full release game. There were no kinks in the movement, everything was responsive, and the maps were beautifully made. Speaking of beautifully made maps, you know how LoL is cartoony and colorful, then Dota2 is dark and gritty? Heroes of the Storm is exactly in between.

Lastly, if you have ever enjoyed any Blizzard game, then you will feel right at home in Heroes of the Storm. Tomorrow is the last day of BlizzCon and I hope to hear an announcement of when we might see the full release game. Also, tomorrow they will be showing a live match between the developers to show off the game even more. I will be getting back to you with that tomorrow!

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Published Nov. 9th 2013
  • Vrothgarr
    Featured Correspondent
    Must've watched the trailer a dozen times already. I'm glad Blizzard's taking this approach. It's ridiculous and I love it! Can't wait! Thrall vs. Kerrigan! Bring it!

    Also, anyone with a account can sign up for the beta now!

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