Wildstar: Journey to Omni-Core 1 Teaser

Wildstar shows off their newest chapter with the teaser trailer for Journey to Omnicore 1

The folks behind WildStar are showing off the new trailer for the Journey to Omni-Core 1, as well as launching a new chapter into their new level 50 zone. 

Carbine Studios revealed full details on WildStar's new level 50 zone, the Defile. The Defile will have several types of content, including options for solo and team players. Solo players will have their own quests, lore, and area to unlock. "The Black Focus" provides small group content in the open world, and "Seige of the Lightspire" is a part of the five-part 20-person public Exile and Dominion event. 

Earlier this week, WildStar announced another new chapter, "Mystery of the Genesis Prime",  which will also take place in the Defile. For more information about the Defile, as well as a short Q&A with the dev's, you can visit the WildStar website


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Published Nov. 6th 2014

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