Minecraft Developers Release First-Person Zombie Shooter, Shambles

The developers of Minecraft have released a new zombie first-person shooter full of pixelated goodness.

The creator's of MineCraft, Notch, have released a new first-person zombie shooter called Shambles. The game is officially free to play in your own browser. And don't worry, Notch has even included all the pixelated goodness that we are used to.

Shambles allows players to roam through a zombie-infested world, killing zombies, avoiding police and trying not to kill civilians, the live ones that is. The main point of this game? Survive. You can also grab as many weapons as the undead drop, which is exactly what you need for a zombie apocalypse.

Shambles was created as part of 7DFPS game jam. During a weeklong challenge, developers were asked to create a first-person shooter. The jam was held from August 10th to the 17th.

This game definitely looks like something fun to play if you have some downtime. Since it is free, you won't need to worry about buying something you wish you hadn't. The game is available here, and after some downloading you should be able to give it a try. I'd love to hear what you think of the game so leave a comment with your opinion.

Published Aug. 18th 2013

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