Xbox One Platform RSS Feed | Xbox One RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Dragon Ball FighterZ Review: An Early Contender For Fighting Game Of The Year Tue, 23 Jan 2018 23:02:23 -0500 Ty Arthur

Fighting game fans are about to get spoiled very, very early this year as Dragon Ball FighterZ is destined to make a whole lot of year-end lists when 2018 finally wraps up.

A large number of characters from the anime series are available at launch with fast paced, 3v3 matches available in story, arcade, or multiplayer modes. It's clear Fighter Z is a labor of love from the developers, who absolutely nailed the feel of the Dragon Ball Z while interweaving elements from the anime into the gameplay.

From the color palette to the combo scheme and the sound effects, there's just not much that Dragon Ball FighterZ does wrong. Let's face it: letting you throw a guy through a couple of mountain ranges (ouch) or fill the screen with blazing blue fire is fun in its own right, but even better when it's Dragon Ball.

 Fighter Z doesn't lack series character diversity

Fighter Z is a Head Banging Anime Wonder

Dragon Ball FighterZ has a whole lot of different elements at play, but they all fit together really smoothly, offering up an experience that's a joy to either watch or play. It's not just the graphics and fighting mechanics either (although those are spot-on), but all of the game's backing details as well.

Considering developer Arc System Works has been involved in the Guilty Gear series, it probably shouldn't be too much of a surprise, but there's a killer hard rock/heavy metal soundtrack working to connect the game's moving parts, from cut scenes to battles and even some of FighterZ's menus. Most surprising to me (in a good way!) was that the opening trailer even has some guttural, harsh vocals, which you don't typically find in video games -- even when they do go more on the metal side.

Providing a strong contrast to the heavy music score is the offbeat way the menus work. Instead of just providing a standard menu screen to pick a game mode (although you can use a menu if you want to move around faster), there's an adorable chibi game hub where any mode can be accessed by running to a different hut. 

You can actually spend a good deal of time here if you want, using stamps and emotes to interact with other players or swapping between different chibi characters unlocked over time. It provides a feeling of community and a reason to earn different outfits between FighterZ's matches.

  Welcome, adorable chibi fighter!

Randomized Loot That's Not a Terrible Grind

One of the primary reasons for the chibi hub is to swap out color schemes and other items based on what you've unlocked through Z Coins (otherwise known as loot boxes).

Wait, wait, wait -- loot boxes?!? Yeah, they are even here in your beloved Dragon Ball Z -- but they are only for cosmetic items and random extras like new outfits for your DBZ characters.

Unlike some other games we're not going to mention, you don't have to spend real money (the option isn't even available) or waste hundreds of hours in random number hell trying to unlock full characters.

Although they aren't really needed for anything, if you want to buy those loot boxes, you can earn Zeni really fast by completing trials, playing different game modes, or just accessing different areas of the chibi hub in the tutorial.

 Unlocking 10 items with Zeni

Beating Up Your Friends And Family in FighterZ

But enough about the music and loot -- the heart of any beat 'em up, of course, is the combat, and if that aspect fails, then everything else is just window dressing. Thankfully, Dragon Ball FighterZ knocks the combat mechanics absolutely out of the park.

There's a decent number of combos to learn without going either overboard on complexity or pandering into simplistic. Potentially anyone -- maybe even grandma -- could pick up Dragon Ball FighterZ and grasp how to play.

The game utilizes a universal style for combos, one where you can essentially understand how to play any character once you've grasped the basics, then eventually master the specific differences between character types as you go along.

It's a system that's easy to get into, but there's enough depth present for the hardcore crowd to show off their skills

Plenty of options are available in how you want to fight as you build up a combat gauge for better attacks on the ground or in the air, with vertical recoveries to learn and a few different ways to break an opponent's guard.

FighterZ's 3v3 style offers up a nice change on the tactical side for swapping out your other two characters or using them for combo assists -- or even forcing the opponent to swap to another damaged character when they would prefer to stay with one healthy warrior.

 Any character match up offers fast, fun combat 

Substance With A Heaping Dose Of Style

While the combat feels fluid and is plenty of fun, Dragon Ball FighterZ doesn't skimp on the super slick graphical presentation. Every arena and character is lovingly crafted, and frankly, this game is just much more visually interesting than recent big name entries like Street Fighter V.

Every single color and super powered combo draws your eye in with an amazing combination between the game's anime style and a 2.5D fighting orientation. There's an incredibly organic feel where the characters, background, and effects are all melded together without a hitch.

It frequently feels like you're playing an episode of the anime series, and the little mini cut-scenes for certain devastating combos are smoothly transitioned so it doesn't feel like you are losing time or having to wait to get back into the action.

 As the power gauge builds, beautiful shots like this become more frequent

The Bottom Line on Dragon Ball FighterZ

I can't really overstate how visually appealing this game is, whether you care about the anime or not. Even people who don't normally show interest in fighting games can have a good time here just with the impressive visuals that feel like a moving graphic novel.

Before testing out your prowess in multiplayer, there's plenty of fun features to try out with the campaign mode -- like leveling up, unlocking different bonuses, plotting a course across the map to the boss, and earning new companions for the 3v3 battles.

On the campaign side, you are basically getting a couple of extra episodes of the show with a story that's very meta as you the player inhabit Goku's body and the other characters recognize this while talking directly at you.

Secret cut scene segments are available to unlock that are very much aimed at long-time fans of Dragon Ball Z  -- if you get the right combination of characters in story mode locations (or if you defeat an enemy with the proper team build). This extra effort to please the fans gives a reason to keep playing the single player campaign in different ways and adds a lot of replay value over time.

My only real complaints so far are that sometimes all the clone battles in between the boss stages feel a little repetitive, and the story isn't going to win any Oscars, but its definitely serviceable.

The bottom line here is that whether you are a fighter newbie or hardened vet, Dragonball Fighter Z is a killer entry that's well worth your time and has brought the anime series to life in a way no game before it has managed.

 This guy approves, and shouldn't that really be enough of an endorsement?

Dragon Ball FighterZ Complete Character Tier List & Rankings Tue, 23 Jan 2018 17:33:49 -0500 Ty Arthur

A flood of top-tier fighting games are slated to land on consoles and PC this year -- many drawing on much-beloved anime and gaming series. And that all starts with Dragon Ball FighterZ

If you've been following Dragon Ball Z or developer Arc System Works, you should already have a good grasp of how FighterZ will play out, as there are plenty of similarities between it and Guilty Gear Xrd on the mechanics side of things.

But one of the most notable mechanics in this entry to the Dragon Ball fighting universe is the 3v3 system, letting you select a trio of characters to use during a match and calling on the other two characters for assist moves. So which characters from the DBZ universe made it into the game? Let's take a look. 

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Character List

Counting different versions of primary characters, there are more than 20 options available in Fighter Z's character list, including the all-new character Android 21. While different combos will play out differently, there's actually more to your character trio decision than just combat tactics.

Some character combinations will give you different intro segments that fans of the series will love, and there are special cutscenes triggered when you defeat an enemy with specific character pairings. Try out different list pairings and see if you can find all the Easter eggs with these characters:

  • Android 16
  • Android 18 
  • Android 21 Maijin [unlocked by completing the story mode]
  • Beerus
  • Buu
  • Captain Ginyu 
  • Cell
  • Frieza
  • Gohan (Teen, Adult)
  • Goku [Super Saiyan Blue Goku unlocked with Day-One Edition or earning 500,000 Zeni across all game modes or beating Arcade’s “Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course” with A-Rank on hard difficulty]
  • Goku Black
  • Gotenks
  • Hit
  • Kid Buu
  • Krillin
  • Majin Buu
  • Nappa 
  • Piccolo
  • Tien
  • Trunks
  • Vegeta [Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta unlocked with Day-One Edition or by earning 300,000 Zeni or beating Arcade’s “Gravity Spaceship Course” with A-Rank on hard difficulty]
  • Yamcha

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Character Tiers

So how do all those characters stack up against each other? We're going to rank them from best (S Tier) to good (A Tier) to usable but not as immediately awesome (B Tier).

These rankings are based on preliminary beta impressions and limited time with the game ahead of official launch -- and these tier lists are centered primarily on the basic abilities of each character and their combo potentials.

Any character can work for you if you practice enough, especially with the auto-combo system preventing players from having to memorize complicated combo schemes. So your mileage may vary depending on playstyle.

Dragon Ball FighterZ S-Tier Characters
  • Android 21 [locked character]
  • Adult Gohan
  • Frieza
  • Goku Black
  • Kid Buu
  • Super Saiyan Blue Goku [locked character]

 Android 21 is the main villain of the story, and
loves turning characters into cupcakes!

Dragon Ball FighterZ A-Tier Characters
  • Android 16
  • Android 18
  • Beerus
  • Cell
  • Captain Ginyu
  • Goku
  • Hit
  • Krillin
  • Piccolo
  • Trunks
  • Yamcha

 Of course, long time character Piccolo appears in Dragon Ball FighterZ!

Dragon Ball FighterZ B-Tier Characters
  • Buu
  • Gotenks
  • Nappa
  • Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta [locked character]
  • Teen Gohan
  • Tien
  • Vegeta

     Anybody dominating in multiplayer with Vegeta? If so, let us know your trick!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Online Rankings

While character lists and character tiers are more a matter of personal preference or player skill, the Dragon Ball FighterZ does include official rankings where you earn Battle Points by winning ranked multiplayer matches.

Ahead of launch -- and before the rankings fully open up for all players worldwide -- these are the Dragon Ball FighterZ rankings we know about so far:

  • Saibamen 
  • Earthling 
  • Namekian
  • Frieza Clan
  • Super Saiyan
  • Android
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • Supreme Kai
  • Majin
  • Super Saiyan 3
  • Super Saiyan God
  • Super Saiyan Blue


What character trio from this list are you going to play when the official Dragon Ball FighterZ release date of January 26 finally arrives? Let us know who you are most excited to try out, and stay tuned for full guides on each character's basic abilities and combos.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Patch Adds New Vehicles, Map Updates, and Other Improvements Tue, 23 Jan 2018 12:54:03 -0500 pithyalyse

Star Wars: Battlefront II’s first patch of the new year released last week, bringing with it an additional mode for one of the game’s newest map as well as an added hero vehicle among minor tweaks and updates.

Players can now battle it out in the game’s Blast mode, a 10v10 deathmatch to the first 100 kills, within the mines of Crait. DICE added the planet in December as part of Battlefront’s The Last Jedi Season event, coordinated with the theatrical release of The Last Jedi, during which Luke Skywalker stares down the First Order on Crait’s salt-strewn planes.  

And in Starfighter Assault, Iden Versio's TIE/IN fighter has joined the fray. The modified TIE fighter features abilities that break missile locks (Afterburner), shoot laser barrages, and fire multiple torpedoes that track locked targets (Dual Proton Torpedoes).

Another ability, Inferno Leader, harkens back to Versio’s days as the commander of the Imperial Special Forces unit Inferno Squad. It alerts all allied players to enemy locations within a radius for the ability’s duration. These enemies also take increased damage during this time.     

Further details can be found in the patch notes, but other notable updates include:

  • Finn received nerfs to his EL-16 (from 65 to 45) and Deadeye shot (from 40 t0 30), but his cooldown time was similarly decreased.
  • Two trip mines can now be deployed at the same time, and they’ll stick around longer after the player’s death.
  • Boba Fett’s Rocket Barrage damage fell from 90 to 78 per rocket, as did its radius of impact.

Knowing EA, this is likely only the first of many patches to come in 2018, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for all your Star Wars Battlefront II news.

Why Monster Hunter: World Isn't Releasing on Nintendo Switch Tue, 23 Jan 2018 12:41:26 -0500 Kerry-Lee Copsey

Monster Hunter: World is the latest entry in the Japanese action RPG series. With simplified controls and refined mechanics, Capcom has made an effort to open the game up to a Western audience. Given that the franchise found its success on Nintendo platforms, however, some fans have questioned why the title won’t be available on the Switch.

To find out the answer, IGN interviewed the directors of the game, Kaname Fujioka and Yuya Tokuda. They explained that the lengthy development cycle is largely the reason World won’t be launching on a Nintendo console, hinting that a lack of processing power would undermine the experience.

We don’t have any plans for the Switch at the moment. Part of the reason is that the title has been in development for almost 4 years. At the time we had to commit to our hardware choices, we decided on using the most powerful current generation consoles available at the time, which was Playstation 4 and Xbox One. So [the decision was made] before the Switch was even announced or on sale.

The quote suggests that a Switch version hasn’t been ruled out for the future, but it’s more likely that Monster Hunter XX, an enhanced port of the 3DS’ Generations, will be localized before that happens. Until Capcom announces any further plans for the series, Nintendo fans craving the hunt will just have to put down their spears or change platforms.

Monster Hunter: World releases on PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th. A PC version is due later in the year.

Overwatch League Player Suspended for Homophobic Taunts Tue, 23 Jan 2018 10:51:25 -0500 pithyalyse

Less than a month into its premiere season, The Overwatch League is throwing a red card.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel of the Dallas Fuel received a four-match suspension and $2,000 fine on Friday for violating the League’s code of conduct. The night prior, Lengyel taunted another player with a homophobic slur on his personal Twitch channel.   

The stream followed the Fuel’s 4-0 loss to the Houston Outlaws. Lengyel took issue with one of their players, Austin “Muma” Wilmot, mimicking him after the victory, and said the openly gay player could “Suck a fat … ”

Well, you can fill in the blank (or hear it for yourself in the clip below).

The League took swift action, issuing a press release the next day.

“The Overwatch League takes standards of players behavior seriously, whether during league play or otherwise, and is committed to responding swiftly when violations occur,” it read.

Fuel later expressed support for the League’s decision via Twitter, adding that Lengyel would also sit out the remainder of Stage 1 -- which runs until February 10.

In the interim, the post continues, Fuel will provide him with additional coaching to ensure he “is reflective of the principles of the Dallas Fuel organization, his teammates, and the Overwatch League.”

Lengyel tweeted an apology to Wilmot on Friday, explaining that there was no “malicious intent” in his words. He spoke too fast without thinking, he said.  

This is not the first scandal to hit Overwatch League players. In November, the League slapped a 30-game suspension on the Philadelphia Fusion’s Su-min “Sado” Kim for account boosting profiteering -- a violation of Blizzard’s end user license agreement.

Laser League Beta: One of the Simplest, True "eSport" Experiences Tue, 23 Jan 2018 10:46:00 -0500 Craig Snyder

I'm not going to lie to you. When I first looked into Laser League, I wasn't really impressed by what I understood of the game. From the trailer and available information I could find, it struck me as a slow, hyped-up version of laser tag. It's not the late '90s anymore, so I was a bit skeptical. It wasn't until I actually got into a match of Laser League that I realized how wrong my first impression was.

Laser League is born from the same publisher that brought us games like OlliOlli and Not a Hero. It couldn't be more different from both of those games. The immediate comparison that I began to draw to Laser League was a game I haven't played since I was a child: Bomberman.

If you've never had a chance to play any of the early Bomberman titles, as those are my only experiences with the series, they're strategic, maze-based games where the object is to place bombs in areas of the map to either explode the opposing player or deprive them of resources (like power-ups) and eventually choke them out to the point that they run into their own explosion or die to an on-map enemy.

Check out this gameplay from Super Bomberman on the SNES to get a better appreciation for this style of game:

When you compare Laser League's gameplay to what you see in the video above, it's not easy to make many visual connections. You see Bomberman and you think of explosions. One look at Laser League and you're confused by people sprinting around a 3-D sports stadium, activating bright lights that vaporize anyone that touches them. Thematically, both games are very different. At the core, though, Laser League is a more intense, strategic, and exciting version of of the same type of no-contact, maze "combat" that you get from Bomberman.

Laser League is one of the easiest games to pick up and play.

I was fortunate enough to get early beta access to Laser League and play some exclusive matchmaking games alongside some other writers and people in the same field. I went into this playtest a little anxious that I'd be stuck on Discord and in a game that I didn't think I'd enjoy, to looking at the Windows clock and wondering how many more games we'd be able to squeeze in before the hour was over.

Laser League isn't hard to play. I know just reading that is an immediate turn-off to a lot of competitive gamers, but don't make any assumptions. The gameplay and controls of Laser League are both extremely simple to get used to, and that's not a bad thing.

To break it down for you, Laser League is a team-based game (though there is a 1-on-1 mode) where you compete against another team of players to strategically control nodes of a 3-D map. These nodes activate lasers when you or a teammate touches them, and these lasers persist for several seconds as obstacles that the opposing team has to dodge. If they touch these lasers, they're vaporized and knocked out of the round. However, teammates can come in contact with their downed bodies to revive them.

Simple, right? You run around a square map and try to activate more lasers than the opponent. However, the team that controls the most laser nodes doesn't just get a free win. It's a lot deeper than that. Rather then being able to box in players to corners and against walls, the edges of this stadium teleport you to the opposite side of the map. This by itself adds a depth of complexity to the game that allows players to pull off miraculous escapes and insane tags.

That's not it, because I've yet to touch on what I think is the coolest feature of the entire game: classes and loadouts. This is where you might think to yourself, "Wow, this is getting complicated," but it really isn't. Each class has a single special ability that they can perform. It's only able to be used when a power meter (shown beneath your character) is at full charge. This ability can be enhanced by each class using one of two different loadouts.

In Laser League, loadouts are called modifiers. Your modifier affects the special ability associated with your class. For example, the class that I'd suggest new players start with is Shock. Shock's special ability is an AoE stun in a field around your character. When you're in close quarters with an opponent, you can activate your stun to either defend yourself from an expected attack or attempt to stun them to set up a kill with the help of a teammate or nearby laser beam.

Shock's two modifiers are Extend and Daze. If you select Extend, Shock's AoE will last longer. This means that you won't have to be as precise with the timing when you activate it. If you select Daze, Shock's stun from that AoE will be extended. As you can see, both choices are extremely simple and easy to see the benefits of. It's a matter of selecting what fits your playstyle or the requirements of your team composition. Options are good to have.

Laser League can still be very technical and competitive.

While I can't speak on having competitive team-based experiences, I can say that during my time playtesting Laser League, I found myself checking what class my teammate locks in during the lobby phase and making my own selection based on that. I also found myself analyzing and understanding the strengths of these classes and my own personal playstyle. While I wanted to experiment and get a feel for the game in each match, I also had an overwhelming urge to play what I was already familiar with. I wanted to dominate.

By my third game, I had started memorizing the node spawn patterns on the map we were playing. I would begin running to these spawn locations to defend and prepare for them to pop up. It was at that time that it really clicked in my head: this game has a lot of depth to it. You're not just running around and trying to be the first to tag nodes.

You're going to need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each class and their modifiers. You're going to need to understand each power-up and how they'll affect the lasers on the map. Sometimes you might not even want to snag one of the power-ups, like Switch. Switch inverts all laser colors on the map. If your team has heavy control, the Switch power-up is something you might want to defend and play around rather than pick up for yourself.

Another dimension to Laser League are the maps. There are three different stadiums, each with four different maps. Each of these maps has a particular theme. For example, Empire Campus has a map called Spin Cycle. Spin Cycle is a defensive map with long lasers where you'll find yourself falling back and trying to dodge rather than aggressing.

Silvertip Arena has a map named Rotator, which is quite the opposite. It's a very restrained map where you'll always be in close combat with the enemy team. There's a lot of deadzones the create chokes where you and your opponents will find yourselves battling it out using your special abilities.

It's really important to understand and appreciate that the ability to quickly feel comfortable with Laser League's basics doesn't take away from the skill cap and complexity of it. You will be able to tell a player who has played for a week apart from a player who has played for an hour. You can learn the controls and feel like a clever player from the start, but there's a lot of experience required to master this game.

Laser League looks and feels like an eSport should.

This is big to me, because the success of a game like Rocket League is predicated on this. When you say "eSport," it's a game like that which comes to my mind long before the more popular titles like League of Legends and Overwatch.

Laser League's gameplay is very simple to understand at a glance. It's not like DotA 2, where you can't appreciate the highest levels of gameplay without being familiar with the game. In Laser League, what you see is what you get. The clutch dodges and crucial revives are right there in your face. You see it and you know what it is because the game is vibrant and understandable.

The combination of being both easy to get into and easy to appreciate as a spectator is going to do a lot for Laser League. I'm not predicting it to be the next big eSport that you'll see plastered all over Twitch, but I know that there's an audience for unique, sports-like games. It's a really creative title that I think can attract people from all genres of games. It's just fun.


Admittedly, I may not have given Laser League a fair chance if I hadn't been given the opportunity to play a few matchmaking games during the closed beta phase. I'm glad I did, though, because it is exactly the type of game that catches my interest: easy to both pick up and put down, fun to play with others, and a competitive experience.

Laser League's first open beta is kicking off on Friday, January 26th. You can find more information about the game on the official Laser League website.

Metal Gear Survive Will Have Microtransactions and Require an Internet Connection Mon, 22 Jan 2018 15:56:00 -0500 Kerry-Lee Copsey

If you want to play Metal Gear Survive when it releases next month, you’re going to need to have a stable Internet connection. Konami has also confirmed that the game will feature optional microtransactions.

This new information comes from GameSpot during a recent preview session. The game will require a constant online connection in order to smoothly transition between single-player and multiplayer modes. "Metal Gear Survive's online connectivity requirements were built to support a seamless integration between single player and co-op. This will also enable us to provide ongoing content post-launch,” Konami told GameSpot.

"Always online" isn’t an uncommon term in modern gaming, with online-driven titles such as Destiny 2 and Overwatch requiring access to the Internet to play.

The game will also feature a microtransaction store allowing players to use their in-game currency to purchase Boost Passes, which grant advantages for a set period of time, as well as other beneficial items such as “Support Defenders.” The ability to buy currency with real money is optional, as it will still be naturally earnable through gameplay.

Metal Gear Survive will release February 20th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay with GameSkinny for more information on Metal Gear Survive as it develops.

Preorder Sea of Thieves and Get Your Fair Share of Loot Mon, 22 Jan 2018 15:17:37 -0500 Nicolas Entrabartolo

Yarr, it's time for some premium loot! Sea of Thieves doesn't come out until March 20th, but that shouldn't stop you from looking for exclusive treasure in the meantime. Here is what you should know for a fair chance at loot!

Microsoft is not offering a limited or collector's edition of Sea of Thieves, but you can order a limited-edition Xbox controller, decked out in all the pirate loot you could desire. This controller is to be released separately from the game itself on February 13th this year. But if you do preorder the game, you'll receive exclusive in-game items in the "Black Dog Pack" and access to the closed beta.

Sea of Thieves is a new multiplayer game developed by Rare and produced by Microsoft Studios, taking an action-adventure route to the exploring genre. You'll travel or battle with other players for treasure and booty on the high seas, and you'll command ships, brave perils, and unlock your inner pirate with exploration and tactics.

Sea of Thieves is to be released on PC and Xbox One. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Microsoft and Sea of Thieves news!

Fortnite Tilted Towers Landing and Gold Chest Guide Mon, 22 Jan 2018 14:22:33 -0500 Ty Arthur

Ever more changes keep arriving in Fortnite's massively popular Battle Royale 100-player matches in update 2.2.0, with some of the latest including a revamped map with more room to run and gun!

This patch includes new areas like the Underground Mine and the mini-town called Tilted Towers. Located just southwest of Loot Lake on the newly redesigned map, Tilted Towers is currently the hottest place to land to quickly grab chests and gun down the opposition.

Tilted Towers Tips

Filled with multi-floor buildings that frequently have basements with hidden areas, Tilted Towers is all about vertical combat in close quarters. Hanging out up high and sniping anyone who breaks from cover to explore a different building is a viable tactic in the early minutes of the game, before the storm closes in tighter.

While inside the buildings, the first player to grab a shotgun can absolutely clean up. To counter this deadly tactic, don't feel shy about fortifying a location just like if you were out in the open.

Although some areas will be blocked off from building structures due to obstacles in the room, a well-placed wall or staircase here can be the difference between life and death.

Nothing vexes a player on a shotgun rampage more than having a sudden brick wall appear to block the hallway as a grenade comes sailing overhead.

 Gliding down towards Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers Landing Locations

Although it seems counterproductive, a good strategy is to jump from the bus well before dropping over the Tilted Towers area and to hang glide for a while before landing.

You get a good lay of the land that way -- clearly seeing where people are currently running around the Towers -- so you can land in a safe area not already swarming with players. Just by hanging back a few seconds, you can make it to the top 50 as everyone guns each other down in this new area.

Normally getting to any Fortnite Battle Royale location first is the key, since you'll have a weapon and the opponent landing next won't, but that's not as important at Tilted Towers for two reasons. 

First, tons of players will have already died, and not all their loot will have been picked up, so getting a gun and ammo is easy as pie. Second, this area is an absolute gold chest bonanza.

Chest spawns are randomized, but certain locations more frequently have spawns and can be reliably checked for good starting loot. Picking any of these spots to land will give you an edge:

  • The mini park with the two large trees inside a small stone wall at the northwest side often has a chest out in the open.
  • Head over to the side of the park on the southwest end of Tilted Towers and use your pickaxe to destroy the brown tile of ground just next to the stone wall, as there's frequently a secret underground room with a chest.

 Underground chest location (thanks to UnitedFade for the screenshot)

  • Two chests frequently spawn on the clock tower visible from the air.
  • Inside the pawn shop on the south side, look for a hole behind the shelves for ammo boxes and a chest.
  • The back room of the grocery store at the southwest side of Tilted Towers has a chest at the end of the hallway.

 Grocery store gold chest location

  • At the east side of the Twisted Towers (near the W on the name spelled on the map), you can see a chest on the second floor of one building through the window.
  • At the top floor of the taco restaurant building (after walking through the door at the end of the stairs), turn right and bash down the wall to find a hidden room with a chest.
  • A chest often spawns on the bed in the bedroom of the tall building on the southwest side (you have to crouch to go under a half-open parking lot garage door to enter this building).

 Bedroom gold chest location

Have you found any other great Tilted Towers loot locations or have any tips for using this new Fortnite city to make it to the top 10 of a Battle Royale match? Let us know in the comments!

10 Sexiest Bachelorettes in the Gaming Universe Mon, 22 Jan 2018 10:00:02 -0500 ThatGamersAsylum


Player Character from Every Game that Lets you Create Your Own Character, EGTLYCYOC


Whether you are playing Skyrim, Mass Effect, or Fire Emblem, you can rest easy knowing that when the control is placed into your hands, you can create your ideal woman, or at least the one who most nearly approximates your ideal woman based off of the customization options available at your fingertips.


Some RPGs leave the story so open-ended that you have complete freedom of interpretation; in other words, you can decide your own character traits. So if there's a quality your dream girl would have that no sane game developer would have the guts to include, then you can take solace in knowing that she has it, even if it is an unspoken truth that only you and she know about.




Phew! That was exhausting. It’s hard to write about so many beautiful women without getting a little worn out. But alas, my mission is complete, and we have brought together the 10 sexiest bachelorettes in gaming. Since I already know I am inevitably wrong, who would you have loved to have seen on this list? And which entries do you think should be taken off? We’d love to hear about what fictional ladies keep you up at night. Note: If fictional ladies are literally keeping you up at night, you might want to contact your physician about that. Our comment section is not a sounding board for medical advice.


Header obtained from Guild Master Gaming


Gardevoir Jane Doe from Pokemon series


I know what you are thinking:”But she’s a Pokemon .…” This is factually accurate. But before you hop onto your high Rapidash and start making comparisons to bestiality, I’d like to point out that while many Pokemon are rather beast-like, there are also a lot of animated objects -- aka not beasts. That’s not even to mention all the ghosts, most of which are actual human beings’ souls manifest in different fashions. To further humanize Gardevoir, I would like to point out that she specifically belongs to the human-like egg group, which is sort of a contradiction since we humans don't breed via externally laid eggs, but my point stands! Gardevoir is also a psychic type, many of which have been shown to be capable of communicating with humans telepathically, which is arguably an even more advanced form of communication than vocal expressions of language.


In fact, Game Theory’s old video titled Humans are Pokemon, embedded below, gives plenty of great reasons why it’s not really all that crazy to think that Pokemon are related to us, including ancient lure that suggests human and Pokemon were once interchangeable as well as evidence that evolution plays a role in the Poke-verse. As such, it's not all that hard to believe certain Pokemon, like Gardevoir, are biologically very similar to us humans.



With the realization that Gardevoir is actually of a species that is merely a lateral move away from human beings, I have decided to strike through her name in the header and instead recognize her as Jane Doe until the liberated members of the genus Gardevoir have each independently chosen their own names.


For this reason, seeking out a Gardevoir as a partner is not about "catching" a foine humanoid Pokemon. In fact, it is something that can't even be truly sought until a whole societal structure has been toppled. A societal structure that has willingly placed close genetic relatives of human beings into subjugation next to literal trash monsters. 


This may have started out with an edgy joke about hitting things off with a Gardevoir, but this has now become a call to arms. Things must be changed. Join our cause and help save our brothers and sisters in captivity today!


Cortana from Halo series


I might have said that Yuna represented the perfect balance between desirable and attainable, and that’s true within the context of the article. That is to say, assuming she’s real and attainable. As such, Cortana represents a somewhat meta-selection for this list. Assuming digital girls are obtainable still leaves Cortana unattainable, because she's a program inside of a program. As such, she would only be a viable mating option if viewed through an in-universe "Top 10 sexiest AIs in the Halo Universe" article. 


Cortana is also notable for being a high-profile character that becomes increasingly more voluptuous as her series goes on, while the reason behind her being voluptuous in the first place was never clear. According to a guy who transcribed a GamesRadar interview, franchise chief Frank O'Connor seemingly admits that Cortana was made to be sexy and that any reasoning as to why that might be was only thought about after the fact. Which would be fine if he didn't hide it under some sort of logic where she uses sexuality to manipulate people. All I'm saying is that I couldn't ever imagine a situation where her sexuality would be utilized to leverage me to place her in a position that her mere wit would not; she's only on this list for her wits. Her sexy, blue wits.


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Yuna from Final Fantasy X and X-2


Lady Yunalesca has a ton of attractive qualities without overwhelming you with, "I'm a strong female lead who's super badass!" (Although she is badass.) Watching her character arc over the course of the first and second games shows someone who goes from being shy, timid, and reserved to her place in the world to being someone that is willing to carve out her own place in the world and let loose a little bit while still caring for others. That’s not to mention that she’s cute, quirky, awkward, loyal, kind, and other superlatives you’d throw at someone. If she has one character flaw, it’d probably be that she cares too much. (No seriously, she was willing to sacrifice herself and marry the creepiest guy this side of the farplane.) Okay, so in a lot of ways, she is a traditional leading character. 


Thankfully, the guy that was her romantic pursuit and who helped shape her along this great arc was actually like a ghost or something the whole damned time. It’s actually kind of confusing. Regardless, he’s not in the picture, and that’s perfect. Because while Yuna is all of those great things above, she has daddy issues since he sacrificed himself to “save” the world when she was a child, and she’s grieving the death (re-death?) of her lover. If there’s ever a better, more opportune time to strike gold, then I haven’t seen it.


I’m not saying it’d be easy, but half of what makes someone attractive is their availability. Too hard to get and it’s unattainable. Too easy and it’s not fun. Yuna’s just right, though, and that’s why she makes this list.




Header obtained from Final Fantasy Mages. 


Mother Brain from the Metroid series


If brains are important to you, then -- in a very literal sense -- you are in the right place. Mother Brain has a ton of brains because she basically is just a giant brain (I know some iterations have the brain on top of a giant monster, but I'm not about that life, fam.). Some might say that beauty isn’t just skin deep, and I could hardly agree more, considering that Mother Brain doesn’t have any skin at all -- just a brain surrounded by a giant glass container. Sure that might be disconcerting for some, but not me. I love brains.


Am I completely missing the point of the skin-deep cliche by only loving her for the physical beauty of her brain and not the actual personality stored within? Why yes. I most assuredly am, but I might also be missing the point of this article.


That’s right, Mother Brain might not be a bachelorette at all. I mean her name is MOTHER, and if there is a mother, there must be a father somewhere. Usually, fathers are husbands, and while the possibility of a breadth of Baby Dad Brains is completely possible, this is Nintendo we are talking about, so I highly doubt it. They’d keep things PG and only allude to consensual sex between Mother Brain and Father Brain, obviously.


Lastly, I’d be remiss if I weren’t to mention her physical appearance. Look, I know she’s a BIG brain, but big girls deserve love too. On top of that, she has a beautiful, glaring eye that you could just get lost in for days. Combine that with her giant, sleek spikes, which make her feel playfully unapproachable, dangerous, and edgy, and you really have someone that is irresistible. She’s the whole package ... except for a body. She doesn’t have one of those, but basically, everything else you could want is there.




Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series


After nearly three decades of having little to no personality, it is nice to finally see Princess Zelda become a fleshed-out character -- well, as fleshed out as video game characters get. I’ve always liked the quiet and shy type, and there’s nothing that says quiet and shy quite like not saying enough over three decades to warrant having a discernible personality.


To make things even better, Zelda also spices things up with some classy, story-convenient amnesia that leaves her acting like a pirate in Wind Waker. Talk about personality! Pirates always have a ton of personality, whether it’s stealing things, pillaging (or in the case of Nintendo, sort of gently harassing people but never really causing any discernible harm), or, well I guess that’s about all pirates do.


Oh, and there was that time where Zelda cross-dressed and turned into Sheik. She's truly an odd girl.


You might argue that Zelda isn’t actually a bachelorette. But let’s not play coy: if a girl leads you on for three decades before finally talking to you, I’d beg to say she’s probably not that into you. Anyway, even if she was into Link, it’d be hard to not notice someone and be at least remotely interested after he’d saved your life and/or kingdom for like the 20th time -- I don’t really think things would turn out that well, considering that the only character in the series who has struggled with exhibiting any sort of personality or emotions more than Zelda has been her savior, Link.


GLaDOS from the Portal series


Who doesn’t love GLaDOS? Isn’t that solid-enough logic to land her on this list, or am I -- much like GLaDOS -- fundamentally misunderstanding a core part of what drives human beings? I mean, everyone who has played Portal loves her and says she is one of the best parts of the game. Naturally, that means she should be desirable on a list like this. Sure, she’s a little murderous and seems to mostly lack empathy, but if you’re a sub, then that should be right up your alley. And as I am sure I have mentioned at least once or twice so far on this list, I am nothing if not inclusive.


Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series


Lara Croft was the poster girl for video game girls from her inception in the 90’s until … possibly still now? There really aren’t many franchises based around women in video games. With her short shorts, long braid, and giant, blocky, pyramid-shaped, polygonal breasts, Lara Croft caught the attention of just about every gamer, for better or worse. In a move that drips with the forced shock and edginess of the '90s, Lara Croft’s sex appeal was leveraged into Tomb Raider’s silver screen translation of the same name, Tomb Raider, starring Angelina Jolie.


I saw this movie as a child, but I don’t remember much about it. What I do remember, rather distinctly, is the conversation my mom and aunt had afterward, wherein both proclaimed that Angelina Jolie was so hot that they could see themselves going gay for her. Which was sort of odd.


I had to agree: she was definitely very hot. But what if Angelina Jolie were to become my second mom? Then I’d be like,”Damn second mom, you are, like, really hot!” And that’d be all sorts of weird and would give me extremely conflicting issues into adulthood, along with some mommy problems. I guess I should just be thankful that Angelina Jolie never came beckoning at our door.


So here's to Lara Croft for making me ask weird questions about how I’d feel with a hot, unrelated, celebrity lesbian mom. I probably would've been fine with it ....


Lusamine from Pokemon Sun and Moon


A list like this is always going to be fundamentally flawed. For instance, it is likely to be dominated by characters from games people actually know or care about. Moreover, it will also be dominated by characters the author is familiar with. But perhaps the most glaring flaw is that it will be dominated by characters that the author finds attractive, which is at least partly the purpose of the list and yet also seems to fly in the face of it. I mean, no one wants to just know which 10 video game girls I find the hottest.


And yet, with Lusamine, my weird sense of humor and my attraction to a character combine, resulting in me both adding her to this list and to an hour-long break from writing this article that leads me into dark places of the internet where hentai rules all and Lusamine is a proverbial queen. I mean, she literally is engulfed by a giant tentacle monster in the actual video game, so Nintendo kind of dropped the ball on that one.


Tracer from Overwatch


Yeah. I know, I choose one of the most basic options to start out, but I just wanted to make sure to ease you into things, okay?


You frankly can’t have as much porn made involving you as Tracer has and not at least be considered for this list. I know this technically makes half of the Overwatch cast subject to being placed on this list, while the other half are either men or robots. But it’s because of this that I view Tracer as somewhat symbolic and representative of the larger female portion of Overwatch’s cast.


Tracer was one of the first characters shown off. She is generically heroic and preppy, as opposed to characters like Widowmaker. Oh, and she’s on the game’s freaking cover! It’s hard for Blizzard to be any more clear about the fact that she is the game’s primary mascot. You can like whichever character you want, and the love seems to be spread around, but Tracer is their darling. Lastly, she’s also the only LGBTQ character on this list. While I'm no SJW -- not that many people seem to profess that they are -- I had to show some love for the ladies that love the ladies.


So, while I don’t REALLY need to defend why I choose this Overwatch female for my list of sexiest bachelorettes in the gaming universe, I did. Enjoy!


Ah, can’t you smell that? Love is in the air, and it’s time for everyone who's anyone to cash in on the ensuing Valentine’s Day-themed money rush. (Look, I can be complicit to the system while still criticizing it.) Anyway, what trouble did choosing our favorite video game gals based off of random, varying, and ill-conceived criteria ever cause anyone?


Changing gears, I’d like to place some caveats on this list: I can’t promise all the women on this list are bachelorettes. And even if they are at the time of writing, this list will not be updated to reflect their future relationship statuses, so be warned. Likewise, I can’t promise that the above non-existent criteria for who I choose will line up with your likely existent, yet ill-advised, and poorly contemplated criteria for who I should have chosen. As such, you might disagree with some of my entries on this list.


That being said, to the best of my knowledge, all of the women are indeed women, even if they only loosely fit the criteria that you might hope would define it, such as having a body. If nothing else, rest assured all of these fine ladies are from video games.


Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

Scribblenauts Showdown Announced for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One Sun, 21 Jan 2018 21:31:27 -0500 Highties

The newest title in the Scribblenauts franchise was recently announced by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment which will be called Scribblenauts Showdown. They will be bringing it to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on March 9th. 

There will be three modes you can play, first is the Showdown mode which is a 4 person competitive mode where you try to complete word based mini-games and speed mini-games which require you to have a vast knowledge on the expansive Scribblenauts dictionary and to complete challenges fast as you can. The second way you can play is versus mode which will have two players face off against each other in 25 different mini-games and will vary on each play session this mode is also playable in single player. The last and traditional way of playing Scribblenauts is sandbox mode. Like in all the previous titles, sandbox mode will allow you to be creative and think of crazy outcomes on eight different levels and will feature co-op.

This game will feature achievements and unlockables. It will also include a "create a character" which will be in the traditional Scribblenauts style and will also have unlockable outfits as you play the game. Still, no word if the Nintendo Switch edition will feature HD rumble support.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for further news and information on everything Scribblenauts Showdown.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Livestream This Week Shows Off New Features Sun, 21 Jan 2018 21:25:33 -0500 Nicolas Entrabartolo

Get ready Sword Art Online fans, for Fatal Bullet is just weeks away! But that doesn't mean you can't tune in on January 23rd for an exclusive livestream on from 4 - 5 p.m PST.

Jump into the world of Gun Gale Online, the setting for SAO II. Immerse yourself in identical designs of the manga series world, weapons from the series and sci-fi settings, and an engaging combat system that allows you to customize skills and abilities. Play as the protagonist and interact with characters from the novels, show, and past games.

Join the Bandai stream and special guest, Jacob Dooley, to go over character customization, some of the battle mechanics, and ArFa-Sys, the android unit that will be accompanying the protagonist. There will also be amazing giveaways during the stream. 

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is to be released February 23rd of this year. Keep tuned to GameSkinny for more Sword Art Online news!


Overwatch Receiving New Skins, Sprays, and More in January 23 Update Sun, 21 Jan 2018 21:22:41 -0500 buymymixtape123

Get ready to open some loot boxes, as Overwatch is getting new cosmetic items on January 23, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. These items include new emotes, skins and sprays for character like Tracer, Mei, Widowmaker and others.

Blizzard first teased this update in Blizzcon last November, where they showcased a bunch of the new items in a video short. Some of the memorable skins in that video are barbarian Zarya, butcher Roadhog and immortal Orisa. They are also adding skins from the fan favorite Mei and Reinhardt shorts.




Blizzard has been teasing these new cosmetics all last week on Twitter by  showing a different skin, emote or spray every day. One of these teases was the new Pharah skin, Lucio skin and the different new emotes you can unlock.

Blizzard is also planning to release their new map, BlizzardWorld, on January 23rd. This map pays homage to Blizzard's many games, like Warcraft and Diablo, in a amusement park setting. 

Be sure to download this update January 23, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Overwatch news. 

Monster Hunter: World Guide -- Nergigante's Weakness Sat, 20 Jan 2018 16:31:02 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

The final Monster Hunter: World beta is upon us, and this time around, Capcom has provided players the chance to go up against one of the more imposing and dangerous beasts: Nergigante. An Elder Dragon, Nergigante is one of the most powerful monster species in the Monster Hunter series. Much as it seems like you'll be in for a drawn-out battle, though, it's not so difficult as it might first appear. Using these Nergingante tips to fell the foul beast will not only get you some great loot, but also provide an excellent introduction to the sort of fighting you'll be doing in the main game.

How to Find Nergigante, The Elder Dragon

Before you begin looking for the fell beast, you'll have to accept the quest "The Insatiable Nergigante." Your search will take you to the Wildspire Waste, a mix of swamp and sand with plenty of monsters that have adapted to the respective environments. As you make your way to the Elder Dragon in MH World, keep in mind that Nergigante will attack as soon as you enter medium range, so don't get too close unless you're completely prepared for the fight.

Monster Hunter: World -- Nergigante's Weakness

In the Monster Hunter: World beta, Nergigante is powerful but lacks the massive amounts of health series veterans might be used to with other Elder Dragons. However, that doesn't mean you can take it lightly -- or that you might not need a few Nergigante tips along the way.

Like all other Monster Hunter monsters, Nergigante telegraphs his impending attacks, but in general, if you move around the Elder Dragon as much as possible, you should stay relatively safe.

Nergigante's weakness is his belly and back legs, so make those areas your primary targets. You'll know you're making progress in the fight once Nergigante begins to limp, which is your sign to press your advantage and move in for the finish.

But, if you find you're having difficulties against Nergigante, you can break off his spines to hamper his attack abilities, revealing another weakness. To do that, just make the spines your target, or move out of the way when Nergigante performs a dive bomb attack (which automatically breaks off spines). However, these grow back after a little while, so you'll want to balance between attacking spines and attacking Nergigante's weak points as well.


Once you've used these Nergigante tips to slay the Elder Dragon once and for all, you get a pack of consumables for your trouble, plus a heap of experience handling Monster Hunter: World's in-depth combat -- nothing to take too lightly.

How are you enjoying the beta? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our other Monster Hunter World guides!

Monster Hunter: World Guide -- How to Mount Monsters Sat, 20 Jan 2018 16:25:53 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

As you play through the Monster Hunter: World beta in preparation for the game's full release on January 26, there's one particular mechanic you might have trouble with more than others: mounting monsters. Snickers and adolescent jokes aside, mounting monsters is one of the most useful -- and difficult -- stunts to pull off in any Monster Hunter game, though MH World adds an extra twist that might throw you off at first. In other words, World isn't like other games in the franchise. 

What is Mounting in Monster Hunter: World?

Mounting (or bestriding if you want to sound super smart) is exactly what it sounds like. You grab hold of some part of your quarry -- either head, body, or tail -- and use that position to perform more effective attacks, though some monsters only have two mounting points. It's especially useful against more powerful beasts and almost necessary to bring difficult colossi fights to a successful close.

How to Mount Monsters in Monster Hunter: World

Monster mounting follows essentially the same standard procedure as previous Monster Hunter games: jump and attack. To do that, you'll have to get behind and above the monster, so it's important to be in an area where there's some sort of ledge you can climb on. Then, run and jump off the ledge and perform an attack on the monster. If the attack connects, it registers as a mounting attack, and you'll grab hold of the monster. If it doesn't, you won't, and you'll have to try to mount the monster again.

Mounting normally works as a status, and previous MH games would display a yellow stroke to show your attacks counted as mount/status attacks. But World doesn't. Getting on top of monsters isn't a game-changing alteration, but it does take a bit of the certainty out of knowing whether you've done everything properly.

Naturally, monsters aren't too pleased with all of this and try to throw you off. In some cases, you'll need to move about to avoid the monster's attempts at smashing you against the ground or wall. But you'll also need to keep an eye on your stamina, since if you fall off once, the meter runs out.


Are you finding it difficult to master the art of monster mounting? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our other Monster Hunter: World guides!

5 Things You Can Do While Exploring In Elite: Dangerous Fri, 19 Jan 2018 12:42:16 -0500 Rafal Gac

My name is Raphael Vespertilio, and I am an Elite: Dangerous commander. I am also an explorer.

Life as the explorer in the acclaimed open space/sandbox simulation known as Elite can be described as a series of jumps between star systems. To be precise, we are talking endless jumping. Probably the only break is to scan some planets that could be worth a few credits when I get back home.

There are some who would say that this is an extremely boring way of earning credits and gaining in-game experience. Perhaps I would agree with them, but there are things explorers can do to make the trip worthwhile.

Let me give you five good suggestions to entertain you, but also to make your exploring experience more realistic and, I am sure, amazing.

EDDiscovery Assistant is a small and useful application which will serve as your trusty co-pilot. It features a commander's log and tool to calculate your income from whatever you scanned during your journey through the Milky Way.

The real perk of having EDDiscovery installed and working while playing Elite: Dangerous is that it will talk to you as a real on-board computer. Farewell lone rider feeling, and welcome useful information about your trip, scanned planets, earnings, distance from your home, etc.

There is one thing, though, which this handy app cannot do: answer your questions. To have decent conversation during your journey, you need to consider Voice Packs -- HCS VoicePacks to be precise. With this addition, you will be able to give your ships commands with your voice and also receive answers to all sorts of questions.

HCS VoicePacks are not some sort of AI, so please do not expect answers to all sorts of questions wandering in your head. But what you can have are answers to pre-programmed questions, jokes, and personalized voices of your ship computer recorded by known sci-fi personalities such as Mr. William Shatner aka Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek. You can, for example, ask about the origin of nebulas or black holes.

There is nothing better than the computer listening to you and answering to you in the voice of the legend. This guarantees hours of entertainment so that even a couple thousand jumps to the end of the galaxy will be pleasurable.

No doubt the ship computer adds some reality to exploration in Elite: Dangerous. What about pushing this experience to a completely different level of reality? 

Virtual reality without a doubt would be a game changer. Of course, this is not a cheap or commonly accessible option, but from descriptions of those who were lucky enough to use VR devices, Elite: Dangerous in VR provides a completely different perspective and a sense of the vast emptiness of space.

Below is a video from YouTuber ObsidianAnt in which he discusses playing Elite Dangerous with the Oculus Rift.


Watching ObsidianAnt's YouTube video brings up another suggestion on how to make the most of the long journeys through the Milky Way.

Streaming on Twitch, like these 5 streamers who are certainly worth subscribing to, or recording and posting your gameplay on YouTube can help you to make a lot more out of the trip such. There are few Commanders worth to watch on YouTube.

Personally, I can recommend a different activity, which is my choice of entertainment while travelling in Elite: Dangerous (and also in EVE Online from time to time): photography from space. Not too many people in the world can say that they snapped some pictures from the Cat's Paw Nebula.

But I did actually. The proof is below:

Elite: Dangerous is perfect game for making pictures from space. Even if there are no big skills engaged, no Photoshop or other editor involved, there is always a chance to catch a very nice view from the cockpit.

Thanks to the developers, the game has a decent camera suite, letting anybody go virtually outside the ship and make a postcard for the family.

For example, from a distant planet:

Or maybe from the vicinity of the black hole:

The possibilities are endless, and the amazing views unlimited. 


Flying from star system to star system, anybody can sink into the deep space feeling and relax, which is a nice break from the usual gaming monotony and repetitive tasks found in so many games.

What are your thoughts? Have you found other ways of making the most of your exploration in Elite: Dangerous? Let us know in the comments.


5 Elite: Dangerous YouTube Channels You Should Watch If You Are a Serious Commander Fri, 19 Jan 2018 12:40:44 -0500 Rafal Gac


There are also other creators and channels which can only be described as art projects based on Elite: Dangerous. While they're hard to categorize or rank, for me, they're always the best to watch and relax when I don't want to fly anymore or would like to check what else I can see in this amazing game.


Soak in and enjoy!





1. ObsidianAnt

Over 109,000 subscribers

There are many creators on YouTube dedicating their time to Elite: Dangerous, but certainly there is only one ObsidianAnt -- creator, amazing voice, and known-to-all Commander.


Every YouTube video made by him is high-quality and a pleasure to watch and listen to -- thanks to the completely out-of-this-world voice of Commander Obsidian.


I think that instead of writing, I will just add one more of his exploration videos:



#2 Vindicator Jones

Over 14,000 subscribers

Vindicator Jones offers a very good source of ready-made manuals on how to rank up your commander and finish missions successfully, and what to fit to your ships to make them safe and dangerous for others.


A very calming voice and the overall professional atmosphere have made Vindicator Jones' videos highly likable.



Over 12,000 subscribers

This is a really straightforward and practical channel that mostly concentrates on Elite: Dangerous but also shows a few other space gaming options.


Tonnes of guides and "how to" videos made with attention to detail and very calm most of the time comment.


Down to Earth Astronomy is a highly recommended source of Elite: Dangerous support for both new and old commanders.


4. Archon Fury

Over 1,400 subscribers

Every Elite: Dangerous player starts with Sidewinder aka Sidey. Most of the Commanders are trying as quickly as possible to forget about the entry-level ship and move up the ladder, buying bigger, better, and more expensive toys.


But not Archon Fury, who actually made his name by producing "Sidey Versus the Galaxy" YouTube videos, showing that a small ship can be enough to kill virtually anything in the Elite universe.


Watching his fights always raises the quite simple question: How the f*** did he manage to pull that off?!




5. Rinzler070707

Over 5,000 subscribers

Let's start with the Commander with a very specific approach.


And please be aware, adult language quite often is impossible to avoid in his Git Gud Guides to different ships.


But actually, it is well worth it to watch and listen to what Cmdr. Rinzler has to say. You can expect good knowledge, useful advice, a sense of humor, and interesting entertainment.


Rinzlero7o7o7 also has a nice collection of PvP and PvE videos showing how his Git Gud Builds are working in reality.


Playing Elite: Dangerous is not only a gaming experience. It feels like more than that. Some would say it is a way of life. Others see the game as an escape from boring reality. 


There is certainly a community and a very precise culture behind the Elite: Dangerous project. There are also dedicated people -- Elite Commanders -- who are not only playing the game but also sharing their experiences through different media, most notably through YouTube Channels dedicated to the game.


What is very interesting about Elite: Dangerous YouTube channels is that many of them are not so much dedicated "how to" sources; many are presenting completely unique artistic and cultural visions -- and they are just nice to watch. 


With that said, let's take a look at five Elite:Dangerous YouTube Channels you won't want to miss.

Microsoft May Be Making the Xbox Elite Controller Even Better Fri, 19 Jan 2018 12:00:10 -0500 Alberto C.

The Xbox Elite controller that launched in 2015 appears to be undergoing an upgrade after images of the supposed product were leaked through Chinese website Baidu.

The likelihood that such a project is ongoing, about which Microsoft itself has denied to comment, has increased since The Verge dug into the topic. In doing so, they uncovered supporting evidence of the upgrade, including a patent filed by Microsoft in December that appears to match the functionality of the controller itself based on the leaked images.

Claimed innovations associated with the new controller include: a USB-C port, a built-in battery pack, adjustable thumbstick tension, three-level hair trigger locks, Bluetooth support for Windows 10, longer key travel, a quickswitch between three-preset profiles, and more durable grips.

The original Xbox Elite Wireless controller, released in October 2015 and purchasable for $150 USD, included interchangeable thumbsicks, d-pads, programmable paddles, and hair-trigger locks among other features. The controller was then enhanced by the Xbox Accessories App, which allowed for the creation of customizable profiles for different games and also different play styles within the same game itself.

Without any official word from Microsoft itself, the best chance for official confirmation now is to wait until 2018's E3, the expo where the original controller was first announced.

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides - Give Gallipoli a Try During Free Trial Period Fri, 19 Jan 2018 11:17:31 -0500 Alberto C.

On Monday, Battlefield 1's official website announced that all Battlefield 1 owners will get to experience the game's third expansion for free, from the 16th to the 22nd of January.

The trial period, named "Gallipoli Trial," will grant current holders of the base game the chance to not only enjoy the latest amphibious warfare-focused expansion, but also the two previous installments: "They Shall Not Passand "In the Name of the Tsar," which focus on the French and Russian fronts, respectively.

Additionally, the map "Prise de Tahure,an urban nighttime map that was exclusive to the "They Shall Not Pass" expansion, will from thereon become part of the base game itself, allowing all players to play it regardless of what they have (or have not) purchased in the past.

The announcement comes shortly before the second half of "Turning Tides" is made available later this month to Premium Pass owners, and just a mere month before the fourth and final expansion, "Apocalype," for which full details are soon to be released.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Battlefield 1 information as it develops.

Where to Find the Underground Mine in Fortnite 2.2.0 (1.35) Fri, 19 Jan 2018 10:53:00 -0500 Sergey_3847

The new Fortnite 2.2.0 update (1.35) has arrived with a few significant changes, including 10 new locations for the game's Battle Royale map. Fortnite always lacked an urban setting, but with the new update, you'll not only find a ton of new areas -- like the underground mine -- but also areas like Tilted Towers, a whole new urban center full of tall buildings and plenty of close-quarters fighting. 

A few other exotic locations make appearances, too, such as Haunted Hills and Junk Junction. And based off of what we've played of the new Fortnite update, they look amazing. However, the most exciting new area in the 2.2.0 patch is probably Shifty Shafts -- something many players are most interested in.

If you're one of those thrill seekers who wants to know how to enter the new underground mine in Fortnite's new area, then follow this quick guide.

Finding the Underground Mine in Fortnite 2.2.0

After Tilted Towers, Shifty Shafts is the best location on Fortnite's new map due to the amount and quality of loot that can be found in the area's underground mine. But how do you get to the underground mine?

When you arrive at Shifty Shafts, located in the southwestern part of the 2.2.0 map, you need to move to the spot indicated on the screenshot above. This is where you will find the entrance to the underground mine. The mine is pretty huge, so be sure to take your time and explore every corner -- you never know what you might find inside.

As you descend into the underground mine, pay special attention to the secret walls hidden along the path -- they can be broken. Sometimes, you'll find a chest inside -- or just simply good loot lying around. You'll also find all sorts of weapons, from shotguns to assault rifles to ammo and other useful items.

Obviously, be careful when you approach Shifty Shafts -- and other areas such as Tilted Towers -- as the location is already extremely hot, and many players go there to find loot right off the bat. In any case, it's a high-risk/high-reward location, so it's definitely worth it.


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