The Top 20 Minecraft 1.14 Seeds for December 2018

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Seed: 165322632898042

Coordinates: -252, 20
Biomes: Ocean

Spawn on a small island near a rock formation that helped crash another ship, which you will find at coordinates -20, -10. As usual, you will be rewarded with a ton of loot from three chests:

  • 10x emerald
  • 16x lapis lazuli
  • 4x gold ingot
  • 6x iron nugget
  • Enchanted Helmet - Fire protection II

Then, travel to 121, -199 or just follow the treasure map. In the end you will be able to open one more chest:

  • 2x gold ingot
  • 11x iron ingot
Published Nov. 30th 2018

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