Grand Theft Auto V Achievements List Contains 49 So Far

A partial achievement list for GTA V has been revealed.

Grand Theft Auto V's gameplay trailer was released last month and revealed the game's 3 main characters: Micheal, Trevor, and Franklin, each with their own storyline and friends, allowing for more diversity. The player can take part in missions involving up to all three of these characters, and can switch seemlessly between characters to experience the high adrenaline filled moments in a mission for themselves.

Earlier this week, Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto Online which is a separate universe from Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto Online provides the players with their own garages, ability to perform co-op bank heist, pads where our friends can crash, arm wrestling and much more.

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A partial achievement list for Grand Theft Auto V has been revealed. The list comprises of 49 achievements with 17 of those being for Grand Theft Auto Online. The rest of the list contains achievements for single player and some hidden achievements.

The list can be found on this link.

Grand Theft Auto V hits the shelves on 17th September for PS3 and Xbox 360. Grand Theft Auto Online launches on 1st October.


Published Aug. 18th 2013

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