Japan will have 3,000 Pokemon Go Gyms in McDonalds across the country

Over 3,000 McDonalds restaurants in Japan will have a Pokemon Gym in exclusive sponsor ship deal.

Pokemon Go has been out for a while almost everywhere in the world, but the birthplace of Pokemon has still yet to be able to enjoy the game that has been sweeping the globe. Due to server issues that have plagued Pokemon Go, the launch of the game was pushed back in countries across the globe in order to compensate for the huge demand. Well finally according to Techcrunch the game will be launched tomorrow!

Not only that but for the first time, Nintendo will be partnering with another company in order to promote its products! Niantic already stated that they would increase the revenue created by the in-app purchases by allowing businesses and locations to become gyms for a fee -- and as we understand it, McDonalds will be the first company to take advantage of this offer! Over 3,000 of their restaurants across Japan will become Pokemon Gyms for any and all that wish to challenge and claim them. 

If this scheme works well and produces a marked increase in profits for McDonalds in these locations, we could see it replicated across the world -- allowing businesses of all sorts to register as a Gym. Often we're seeing reports of businesses that are investing in lures in order to increase their profit from any would-be trainer, now we can see the next step in incorporating Pokemon Go into other businesses and our day-to-day lives.

This could be the beginning of official partnerships, with the potential for these companys to have special events at their locations. Who knows what the future may hold if Pokemon Go keeps up this momentum. 


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Source techcrunch.com
Published Sep. 15th 2017

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