Miracle on Grove Street: GTA V Online Holiday DLC!

‘Tis the season for online Christmases!  Yes, it seems every online game has its own unique way of showing off some sort seasonal flare come the holidays.  And with GTA V Online, what better way could Rockstar have given us some cheer then by allowing us to shed buckets of blood across fresh powder?  You’ll be slipping and sliding down Vinewood Boulevard in no time, as this blizzard contains realistic physics that will give way for a white knuckle joyride.

I know what you’re thinking: “Snow? In Los Santos?” 

Sure it doesn’t make the most logical sense, but neither does killing an NPC, taking their car, and then having a bounty placed by on your head by that same NPC 5 minutes later via text message. 

The DLC comes packed with more features than just some fresh North Yankton powder – Santa hats, reindeer antlers, elf costumes, and more can now be found in stores in Los Santos.  What would look cooler than having your character decked out in St. Nick’s outfit, totting a fully modded AK-47?

Check out these great YouTube videos by TeraTechNova and MrJamesGeary – both of which showcase all the new outfits this new DLC has to offer.

Dig Rockstar’s latest DLC?  Wish they could’ve done more? Let me know in the comments section!  Also, follow me on Twitter @richardwhelchel for more news and gaming shenanigans

Published Dec. 26th 2013

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