Resident Evil Village Special Chambers Puzzle: How to Get the Azure Eye

Wondering how to solve the Resident Evil Village Special Chambers treasure room puzzle? Here's how to do so and get the Azure Eye.

There are tons of puzzles in Resident Evil Village. Some are easy to solve, while a few others are head-scratchingly cumbersome. One that's not as simple as it looks is the Resident Evil Village special chambers puzzle in the basement of Castle Dimitrescu. However, you'll want to complete it to get a treasure: the azure eye. 

Once you complete the Resident Evil Village special chambers puzzle, you'll get the azure eye for your efforts. You can combine it with the silver ring to get a good chunk of Lei. You'll need all of the RE8 currency you can get if you want to purchase all of the weapon upgrades and parts, as well as if you're going after certain trophies and achievements. 

This guide will tell you how to find the special chambers puzzle and how to complete it. The latter takes a bit of fortitude and luck. 

How to Find the Resident Evil Village Special Chambers Puzzle

The special chambers puzzle can be found in, of all places, the special chambers, which is located in B1 of Castle Dimitrescu. It's east of the Chamber of Solace dungeon. You gain access to area B1 fairly early on in Castle Dimitrescu. Still, you can't open the special chambers until you find the Iron Insignia Key in the Opera Hall through the castle Courtyard. 

Once you solve the piano puzzle (linked above), you can return to area B1 and open the Iron Insignia Key door to the special chambers. 

It's worth noting that you will find a treasure map in the castle's attic, pointing you to the special chambers. However, you don't need the map at all to open the door to it; you can solve the puzzle and get the azure eye without the map. 

How to Solve the Special Chambers Puzzle

Solving this Resident Evil Village puzzle isn't all that difficult, but it requires quite a bit of luck. 

When you enter the special chambers, you'll see a stone coffin directly in front of you in the back of the room. An iron fence will rise, keeping you from getting the contents of the coffin. On either side of the room are a few resources shoved into small nooks in the wall. At least one of them holds a pipe bomb. Grab it. 

There are two hanging braziers between you and the stone coffin, and on the left-hand side of the room, you'll see a break in the wall with a lit brazier behind it. Use the pipe bomb to break the wall and reveal the lit brazier. 

Stand in front of the hanging brazier on the left, and aim at it with your pistol. Line up your sights so you're in line with the hanging brazier and the standing one that was behind the wall. Shoot the hanging brazier once, then shoot it again as it reaches the top of its swing. It should hit the standing brazier and catch fire. 

Now the fun part begins. You'll need to push the lit hanging brazier into the one on the right to light it. Shooting it doesn't work; you'll have to get a running start and slam it into the other one. 

The chance of lighting the unlit brazier lighting here is pretty small for each try. It took me 27 or 28 attempts to catch the brazier alight finally. I tried multiple methods, from running from one side of the room to another to pushing one and then running to push the other. I'm not exactly sure what "method" worked eventually, so just keep trying until you get it. 

If you have the patience to finish the Resident Evil Village special chambers puzzle, you'll get the azure eye for your efforts. You can sell the azure eye to Duke for 1,200 Lei or combine it with the silver ring to create the azure eye ring, which sells for 12,000 Lei. Now that you know how to complete this puzzle, you have another treasure toward a substantial Lei payout. For more on Resident Evil Village, consider checking out our other Resi 8 tips and tricks articles

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Published May. 26th 2021

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