Killing Floor 2 "Bulls-Eye" Content Pack and VR Game Shown at E3 PC Gaming Show 2016

Killing Floor 2 has got a tentative release window, early access has been updated with new content, and a new VR game revealed.

During the E3 PC Gaming Show, John Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive, shuffled onto to stage to reveal details about an upcoming "Bulls-Eye" content pack for the still-in-Early-Access game, Killing Floor 2.

"Bulls-Eye" gives players more weapons (like a new railgun), more ways to kill Zeds (the monsters), and, for the first time without mods, you can play as the Zeds. Also announced was a new perk called Sharpshooter, and so was a new character named Rae Higgins -- blonde woman with a bun, red dress, and presumably heels. Not the best combination when trying to kill Zeds, but you do look stylish while doing it.

"Bulls-Eye" will also be the start of Tripwire taking the best community maps, polishing them up, and then turning them into official maps. These maps come from the Grindhouse mapping contest, which ended in February 2016, with Containment Station being the first to release. The "Bulls-Eye" update is live right now, with a free Killing Floor 2 weekend from Thursday June 16th, till the following Monday.

Killing Floor 2 is aiming to come out of Early Access in the fall of 2016.

Also briefly shown off is Killing Floor: Incursion, a VR game coming to Oculus touch. Gibson emphasized that this is an entirely new game built for VR headsets, with the Touch controllers in mind.

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Published Jun. 14th 2016

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