The First 25 Minutes of Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 producer, Josh Bridge gives us a taste of the upcoming Xbox One title.

The upcoming survival horror game, Dead Rising 3, has recently been featured in a 25 minute long IGN video. The video features straight play-through of the Xbox One title.

The video features game producer Josh Bridge who talks controls, design choices and other elements Dead Rising 3. Bridge even explains why the title sequence works the way that it does. His insight definitely makes the video worth watching.

The game begins with some backstory on how the infection spread in Los Perdidos. Nick Ramos, our handy-dandy protagonist, joins the story three days after the initial outbreak, which is where gameplay actually begins.

What we don't actually see here is how Dead Rising 3 utilizes both the Kinect and Xbox SmartGlass. This gives the game something completely new, you actually have to be aware of how loud you are and your movements because they can trigger zombies in the game. That's pretty cool, not gonna lie.

I'm excited for Dead Rising 3, and can't wait to hear what you guys think of this play-through. Dead Rising 3 will launch for Xbox One on November 22.

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Published Nov. 7th 2013

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