Twelve Minutes Guide to All Endings

Follow this guide to unlock all seven endings and achievements in Twelve Minutes.

Twelve Minutes is a real treat for all puzzle game enthusiasts, and also allows you to define the end of the story on your own through multiple endings. There are currently seven different endings to the game, and our guide will provide you with tips on how to get them all.

Each Twelve Minutes ending will unlock a different achievement, something to keep in mind if you're an achievement hunter. Remember that you can always start the new loop in order to get the different ending each time.

Twelve Minutes Ending 1

This loop starts at the point when you learn about the nanny. Right after that follow this sequence of events:

  1. Tell your wife that you killed her father
  2. Discover the pocket watch (follow this guide)
  3. Give the watch to your wife
  4. Agree to wait for the cops to arrive
  5. Confess about the murder to the cops

This ending will unlock the Confession achievement.

Twelve Minutes Ending 2

This particular loop starts at the same moment as the previous one, but instead of confessing to your wife about the murder put sleeping pills in her drink. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Pick up the pocket watch
  2. Return to bedroom and flip the light switch just one time
  3. Hide in the closet and wait for the cop to arrive
  4. When he shocks himself, bind his hands
  5. Loot a zip tie from his inventory
  6. When the cop wakes up, say that you are innocent
  7. Go sit on the couch and wait
  8. When the cop kills the wife, call 911 and report suicide
  9. Give the cop a pocket watch
  10. Go back to the bedroom and join your wife on the bed

This ending will unlock the Coward achievement.

Twelve Minutes Ending 3

Follow the same sequence as before until you hide in the closet, then do the following:

  1. Call Bumblebee and tell that her father wants to kill the wife and steal the pocket watch
  2. When your wife is in the bathroom, agree to a romantic evening
  3. Once she enters the bedroom, fill two mugs with water
  4. Take the cakes from the refrigerator and make up the table
  5. Accept a gift from her and tell her that everything's going to be fine
  6. Ignore the cop outside the apartment
  7. Ask your wife to dance with you
  8. Tell her that you love her and ask to make love to her

This ending will unlock the Groundhog achievement.

Twelve Minutes Ending 4

In order to get this ending you need to start from the new loop:

  1. Enter an apartment and sit on the couch
  2. Do nothing but listen to your wife
  3. Once she enters the bathroom, keep doing nothing
  4. When she comes back, wait before you both leave the apartment

This ending will unlock the Listen achievement.

Twelve Minutes Ending 5

This ending is considered the best and true one. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Once you pick up the watch, keep looking at it
  2. You will find yourself in a room with your wife's father
  3. Tell him that you want to leave his daughter
  4. This will bring you to the main menu, where you need to select "Play More" option
  5. Enter the apartment and pick up the watch
  6. Set the watch to 11:58 exactly and keep waiting
  7. You will meet the father once again
  8. But this time tell him that you love his daughter

This ending will unlock the Alone achievement.

Twelve Minutes Ending 6

This alternative ending has two ways of development. One goes like this:

  1. Speak to your wife about the nanny
  2. Remember the passage she recites from the book
  3. Use the pocket watch to meet her father
  4. Look at the bookshelf and mention the passage
  5. Agree to be hypnotized and forget everything that happened

This ending will unlock the Continue achievement.

Twelve Minutes Ending 7

The second method to achieve the alternate ending is as follows:

  1. Meet the father in his office
  2. Mention the passage from the book once the clock hits 11:59
  3. Do nothing when he asks you to get hypnotized
  4. Just stare at the clock until it hits 12:00
  5. At this point the game will end automatically

Those are all endings for Twelve Minutes. If you enjoyed reading this guide, then be sure to share with your friends! Check out our other Twelve Minutes guides as well.


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Published Aug. 30th 2021

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