Our favorite Fallout 4 images and gifs after the first two weeks

These are our favorite images and gifs provided by the Fallout 4 community so far.

What are some of the most entertaining elements in Fallout 4? Some people would say it’s all about companions, as they always manage to get into the most foolish and unexpected situations. Others would give credit to items and weapons, as the game is full of weirdly inventive guns and objects. We also cannot go past by the enemies that can be absolutely hilarious at times (and unforgiving, too).

How about crafting and building possibilities of the game? Lots of people can’t even finish the main story simply because they spend days just making stuff for their own and our enjoyment. Also, if Fallout 4 could get the official mod support, it would be a priceless addition to an already great game. (Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't already tons of NSFW mods out there...)

All these elements make Fallout 4 the leading video game series in the world. It’s a true joy watching people record and post the best bits from the post-apocalyptic world created by Bethesda. Here’s our selection of the funniest gifs and pictures after the first two weeks.

Dogmeat accident

Dogmeat is your best friend, right? But let’s be honest - sometimes he’s unbearable. Of course, his extra carrying capacity is priceless, even if time from time he makes you absolutely mad by sticking his wet nose in all the wrong places.

Rambo style

If you want to play Fallout 4 just as well as fakerchaos, then give in to Psychojet addiction. In order to prep Psychojet you need two obvious components: Jet, which slows down time, and Psycho, which increases your damage. Combine these two at the chemistry station and enjoy the god mode in Fallout 4.

Medic's Fatman

fallout 4 fatman

Ever wondered why your weapon heals enemies instead of killing them? Well, it means that you’re using Medic’s Fatman. This may seem an odd choice for a weapon at first, but you can shoot your companions with it and instantly heal them to full health.


Don’t you just love it when a whole bunch of enemies gather in one convenient spot for you to destroy them? As you see, suiciders can be quite useful in situations like that. Also, you could prevent them from exploding and take their mini nukes for your own personal use.

Beware The Megaton!

fallout 4 haircut megaton

Go to the Fallon's Department store in the Commonwealth, located near Milton General Hospital. Head to the top level and find a magazine in the side room that unlocks a new special haircut for your character – The Megaton. It’s a really funky haircut – go get it!

20th Sanctuary Fox presents

fallout 4 sanctuary wolverine

This is how Sanctuary looks like when you invest eight hours every day, sleep only five hours a day and completely neglect your girlfriend. Is it worth it? striker8807 from Reddit definitely thinks it is. For him the building mechanics of Fallout 4 is an addiction. Who needs quests when you can build stuff like that?

No mercy from Assaultrons

Assaultrons are undeniably the most dangerous enemies in the game, especially if you play in Survival mode. These robots can be easily encountered around The Commonwealth, as they may be used by various gangs for base defense purposes. One Assaultron can quickly turn invisible and instantly kill you with melee through a full heavy combat armor.


Even after you become the member of the Brotherhood of Steel, Teagan, the Brotherhood’s armory shopkeeper, still keeps giving you only lackluster stuff? Well, it looks like you can just throw a grenade and get some better armor and weapons all by yourself. But remember: these items will be considered as stolen, which may upset your companions.

Iron Men

Become the owner of your own personal Power Armor squad based in the Red Rocket garage. You’re wondering right now: how in the heck it is possible to get so many power armor costumes, right? Well, just go to the Diamond City and visit the owner of the Commonwealth Weaponry at the market – Arturo Rodriguez. He’s got a lot of them.

Hail the King!

This is what BoyWonder343, the creator of this fun invention, said:

“For those curious on how I did this. To get the flamethrowers facing up and hovering in the air. I had to use a combo of modangle/modpos (axis) (desired degrees of movement) through console commands. Then I have tripwires connected to the Flamethrower traps. Once I pass the tripwire it starts the connected Flamethrower.”

Money shot

fallout 4 pre-war money

If your Mama Murphy starts complaining that you are not a real man because you don't bring enough money in your own house, then grab the Junk Jet, load up 1700+ pre-war money and shoot it all over her from head to toes. She won’t be complaining anymore, we promise.

A giant mech

fallout 4 giant mech

This giant mech was built by Cuon using the Setscale command. The mech is located on the island just a little south from the Prydwen, where you can do a side-quest, as well. In order to activate the command just open the console and enter “setScale” with the numbered index from 0 to 10.

Nailed it!

fallout 4 super mutant

Don’t look confused, this is just one Super Mutant head literally nailed to another Super Mutant head. This was done using Railway Rifle that shoots giant railway nails. You can find one behind Big Jim's Salvage, after you activate the trap door.

Secret room

It has been only two weeks, and we’re already getting some fantastic mods for Fallout 4. You can make this secret room by installing Settlement Supplies Expanded (SSEx) modification.

Harmless elevator

Before jumping into the elevator shaft, first make sure that the elevator itself is not coming down on you… oh, wait. Looks like Fallout 4 doesn’t care about that, so you shouldn’t either. Just keep going, no harm inflicted.

Goodbye, Dogmeat!

All dogs go to heaven, especially Dogmeat. Or maybe those were aliens that stole him. Anyway, looks like elevators are destined to fail in this game. But it’s a good thing that Bethesda doesn’t try to fix every single detail in Fallout 4 - they know very well that all these bugs actually make the community happy. Let’s be honest - if it was perfect, it would be boring.

Tell us about your favorite moments in Fallout 4 and share them in the comments section below!


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Published Nov. 25th 2015

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